27th February 2017

25 Things Your Body Is Busy Doing While You're Asleep

We all love our sleep. We get to recharge and drift off to dream land and do very little else. It’s all very peaceful …unless it isn’t! In truth, there is far more going on while you’re asleep than you ever realized…

23rd February 2017

20 Reasons You Should Start Working Out Today

You’ll be amazed how much more there is to simply just looking better….

23rd February 2017

20 Everyday Things That Are Dirtier Than Your Toilet

You might think of the toilet as being quite dirty but the truth is, because you care about that so much, it actually turns out to be way cleaner than many other things in your everyday life. It’s time to start thinking about cleaning these 20 things more often…

21st February 2017

Here's What The 5 Major Personality Traits Reveal About You

Think about it; you’re personality is who you are and influences everything you do. While we are all unique, there are 5 major personality traits which have the major say in how you go about life. It can be surprising how much of an insight this provides…

07th February 2017

5 Little-Known Facts About E-Cigarettes

So you’ve given up smoking and figured that an e-cigarette might be the best thing to help you combat it (or you’re planning on doing exactly that). But what do you really know about these contraptions…??

07th February 2017

5 Easy Ways To Help Ease Depression

As many people well know all too well, depression is very real and can really take over your life. But there are a few things you can do to take some of the power back. Here’s 5 very simple ones…

02nd February 2017

20 Brutal Truths About Life You Need To Come To Terms With

Before you can really be who you want to be, you must first look life in the face and accept some brutal truths that exist whether you like it or not. Here’s the 20 main ones…

02nd February 2017

20 Reasons Why Some People Always Seem Like They're Happy

Some people always see the glass half full while you’re busy trying to convince yourself it’s not half empty because you think that’s what you should be doing. They might not have more money than you, but they appear to have found the secret to happiness. Of course, there are reasons why this is so. Here’s 20 of them…

31st January 2017

5 Reasons You Continue To Struggle Losing Weight

You’re dieting, working out regularly, and ticking all the boxes that should result in weight loss but you’re simply not seeing results. Why is this happening?! Here’s 5 simple answers to that very question…

31st January 2017

5 Habits That Are Making You Miserable

Your state of mind depends on your mental habits and thought patterns. Here’s 5 you can change to make yourself happier…

31st January 2017

5 Everyday Things You've Probably Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

You’ve been doing this things your whole life but you’ve probably been shortening your life in the process…

27th January 2017

Liz Hurley Flaunts Her 51-Year-Old Bikini Body On Instagram Again

Once again, Liz Hurley proves she’s still got it, even after more than half a century…

27th January 2017

Here's How You Can Make Yourself Fall Asleep In Under One Minute

We don’t have to list the reasons why sleep is important for both the body and mind but being concerned about that often only adds to the stress and difficulties of falling asleep. This little trick could change all that for you….

27th January 2017

5 Foods To Avoid When You're Sick

You really will want to avoid these 5 foods when you’re not feeling well as they can really make you feel a lot worse…

23rd January 2017

Here's Why Red Chili Peppers Could Hold Secrets To A Longer Life

Could it be that those who love spicy foods have got more time to enjoy them than everybody else..??

23rd January 2017

12 Benefits For Women Who Lift Weights

You don’t have to have 20-inch biceps in your sights to hit the weights. There are so many other benefits to lifting that you just can’t get in other forms of exercise. Here’s 12 of them…

18th January 2017

25 Most Commons Regrets People Have In Life

Life happens while you’re making plans you might never follow through. Or, perhaps it’s an opportunity to truly live…

16th January 2017

12 Ways Having A Dog Will Make You A Better Person

…Because who can say they ever truly know or trust a cat?!

15th January 2017

5 Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership

If it saves both money and time then count me in!

15th January 2017

Woman Says LSD Saved Her Marriage And Her Life

Let’s be honest, it’s probably been responsible for some pretty good music over the years, but we didn’t see this coming…