27th February 2017

25 Of The Best Twitter Responses To The Oscars Best Picture Mix-up

With an epic mix-up of such proportions, the people of the internet were never going to miss this opportunity…

01st January 2017

25 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes From Hollywood Films

Sure, it’s just entertainment, but the best movies tend to teach us a life lesson or two to go with it…

01st January 2017

25 Things People Believe Because Hollywood Has Lied To Them

There are many things in life that we accept as truth because we know them and have experienced them. Then, there’s what we’ve come to “know” because of Hollywood…

17th October 2016

12 Of The Best Text Responses Using Only A "Frozen" Screenshot

Well, do you want to build a snowman or not?!

04th October 2016

Why Demi Lovato Is Not A Fan Of 'Wolf Of Wall Street'

It has certainly been a long road for Demi…

19th September 2016

Liam Hemsworth Reckons He Starved Himself For 'The Dressmaker'

I bet you’ve never had to do this for your job!

12th September 2016

Why Has Chloe Grace Moretz Quit Acting?

Most of us would love to have the opportunities she has, but this girl has had enough of Hollywood!

04th September 2016

5 Celebrity Couples Who Prove That You Can Find Love At Work

Nobody said an office romance ends well but then again, who said it was going to end?

29th August 2016

Comedy Legend Gene Wilder Dies Aged 83

RIP – Gene Wilder passed away in his home on Monday. Celebs around the world mourn online.

20th August 2016

Wolf Of Wall Street Fake Cocaine Sent Jonah Hill To Hospital

White line fever on the set of ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’…

17th August 2016

Jared Leto Blasts Warner Bros Over His Role In 'Suicide Squad'

The actor really isn’t too pleased with how the film was edited…

11th August 2016

It's Official: Ghostbusters Is A Huge Flop

The final verdict is in for one of the most controversial film releases of the year…

09th August 2016

Seth Rogen Says Even He Is Shocked At What He Got Away With In "Sausage Party"

When you’re dealing with animated food, it appears that the lines are a little bit blurred!

08th August 2016

Margot Robbie's Trainer Shares Her Exhausting Workout Routine For 'Suicide Squad'

Well, Harley does looks pretty damn good in hot pants!

01st August 2016

Dylan O'Brien Almost Unrecognisable In First Photo After Maze Runner Accident

His condition following the accident has been kept a mystery, but this might help to answer a few questions…

25th July 2016

Illegal Torrent Sites Vow To Keep Going Despite The Downfall Of Kickass Torrents

It’s already been quite a big week for illegal downloading sites…

22nd July 2016

The Very Last VCR Producer Call Time After 40 Years

Yes, there was one company still making them…until now…

19th July 2016

There's Going To Be Tinder Movie; "Worst Tinder Date Ever"

We’d love to make some pun about the film being a match with audiences but…well, you know…

19th July 2016

5 Of Kristen Wiig's Very Best Moments

In the time between SNL and Ghostbusters, these are Kristen Wiig’s best onscreen roles…

19th July 2016

Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones Exposes The Racist Trolls Taunting Her

If you’re on this list, all it means is that you’re an immature idiot – that’s all.