15th December 2016

10 Of The Dumbest Problems Ever Brought In To The Auto Shop

Sometimes it’s hilarious how stupid people can be, but then there’s all the other times where it can be potentially dangerous. On the roads, it’s simply astounding what people will drive around in, as evidenced in these 10 dumbest things ever brought in to the auto shop!

07th November 2016

20 Of The Best/Worst Parking Fails Found On The Internet

If they’re seriously this bad at parking the car, then we’re scared at the thought of sharing the roads with them!

24th September 2016

Here's What To Do If Your Car Is Sinking

You never know, it could happen…will you be prepared?

25th August 2016

British Tourist Wakes Up In Ibiza To Realize He Bought A Bus ...For Some Reason

It’s hilarious …but only because it’s not our problem!

16th August 2016

Here's Why You Get Sick Reading In The Car

It seems like the perfect time to catch up on reading….but when you get sick!

08th August 2016

Tyga Gives Kylie Jenner A New Car For Her Birthday

Seriously though, what do you give the girl who has everything?

03rd August 2016

Kris Jenner Injured In Car Crash

Despite pretty bad injury, she refused to be taken away in an ambulance.

22nd July 2016

Teen Smashes Windshield Of US$250k McLaren And Runs Away

It certainly didn’t take this situation long to get out of hand!

28th June 2016

Young Millionaire Forced To Apologize For His Insulting Lamborghini Police Rant

Just how much are his “shoes worth”?!

26th April 2016

Drunk Guy Arrested For DWI Wears The Worst Possible T-Shirt

This guy would have been just another suspect of DWI….if it hadn’t been for his untimely and ridiculous attire, that is…

07th April 2016

Platoons Of Self-Driving Trucks Drove Across Europe

The ever-changing world continues to make it look like us humans could become obsolete. This isn’t the Matrix – this is happening now!

24th March 2016

Bindi Irwin Gets Her Driver's License In Her Dad's Old Truck

Bindi Irwin has achieved some remarkable things for a girl of her age. Her latest is her driver’s license, which she earned behind the wheel of her late father’s truck.

26th May 2015

15 of the Weirdest Custom Cars Ever

It isn’t cool anymore to just have red flames painted down the side of your car. To be fair, some (or perhaps most) of these aren’t necessarily cool either. But they sure are out there.

21st May 2015

Watch Insane Street Racer Weave His Way Through Busy Highway Traffic

A recent video has emerged online causing huge controversy, as it shows a street racer flying through busy highway traffic in a built-up area at up to 3X the speed limit. Some people are saying it’s the most skilled driving ever, and others say he should be put in jail for such reckless behaviour. What do you think?

02nd April 2015

Garage Attendant Ruins Client's US$450,000 Ferrari

A garage attendant in Italy has ploughed a very expensive high performance car in to a shop front after mistaking the accelerator pedal for the brake.

04th March 2015

Finnish Businessman Gets $77,000 Speeding Fine For Going 23km Over the Speed Limit

A Finnish businessman is outraged after receiving a $77,000 speeding fine for going 23km/hr over the speed limit, because in Finland you are fined based on what you earn rather than the speed you were going.

02nd February 2015

5 Part Story of a Boy Who Comes Home With New Porsche. Hilarious

If a teenager comes home with a Porsche that he can actually afford, you must assume that he has been up to no good right? Well, someone has, but it might not actually be the boy.

13th January 2015

15 of the World’s Least Attractive Cars

Do you have an old car that you are not particularly prod of with a bit of rust or a few dents? You tend to develop some sort of relationship with it all the same don’t you? It might not be the best looking car in the world or the fastest, but it is yours and has served you well. Another thing to be thankful for is that presumably you didn’t spend too much money on it either. In the following pics, you will see cars that people have spent money on, and you will wonder why.

05th January 2015

Man Finds Car Part in His Arm 50 Years After an Accident

Some bizarre thing can happen during and after a car accident, but it rarely lasts for more than fifty years. A man has recently undergone surgery to remove a car part he found in his arm which was originally lodged there in 1963.