27th February 2017

25 Of The Best Twitter Responses To The Oscars Best Picture Mix-up

With an epic mix-up of such proportions, the people of the internet were never going to miss this opportunity…

19th February 2017

25 Intentionally and Unintentionally Crazy Celebrity Quotes

When the camera is always in your face and the mic is always under your chin, you’re bound to come out with something crazy from time to time, whether you meant it or not ….and then there’s Kanye West.

19th February 2017

12 Famous Leap Year Babies Who Won't Have A Birthday This Year

The real question is what age do they put on their driver’s license?

07th February 2017

Barack Obama Enjoys Retirement By Kitesurfing With Richard Branson

Does this look like a guy who doesn’t know what to do with himself in retirement…??

01st February 2017

20 Song Lyrics To Remind You What Life Is About

The lyrics to beautiful songs have a way of getting in to our hearts and sometimes they even manage to shape the way we look at things…

26th January 2017

Basketball Player's Eyeball Comes Out Of Its Socket During A Game

Warning: There’s a really good chance some people might find this footage disturbing.

18th January 2017

25 Pop-Culture Quotes To Edge Up Your Wisdom Factor

…And they said television would make you stupid!!

12th January 2017

When You Slow Dolly Parton's "Joelene" Down To 33, It Sounds Even Better

It’s still a song about a woman pleading with another woman not to steal her husband. Well, sort of, except not really….

11th January 2017

20 Worst Original Names Of Famous Bands

If you’d never heard of them before and a friend said, “Hey, let’s go see this band called The Red Hot Chili Peppers”, you might say that’s a pretty crappy name for a band. But if you only heard what they were originally called….

09th January 2017

12 Of The Most Controversial Songs Ever Written

Can one song really make you kill yourself?!

09th January 2017

Why Ellen Banned Homophobic Singer From Her Talk Show

Just who is the “perverted” one in all of this..??

09th January 2017

Are Meryl Streep and co. really what "will help get Trump re-elected"?

Trump fires back again using the old fashioned Presidential medium known as Twitter!

02nd January 2017

Mariah Carey Blames Producers For Awful New Years Eve Performance

Was she really “sabotaged”?!

01st January 2017

25 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes From Hollywood Films

Sure, it’s just entertainment, but the best movies tend to teach us a life lesson or two to go with it…

01st January 2017

25 Celebrities That We Lost Last Year

There’s a really good theory that there seemed to be so many celebrity deaths in 2016 because there simply hasn’t been as many celebrities (or people in general) on Earth before. But man, there were so many deaths last year..!!

01st January 2017

25 Things People Believe Because Hollywood Has Lied To Them

There are many things in life that we accept as truth because we know them and have experienced them. Then, there’s what we’ve come to “know” because of Hollywood…

22nd December 2016

Tom Hanks Proves He's The Coolest By Helping A Fan Win A Bet

Once again proving that he’s the absolute best..!!

15th December 2016

This Site Is Giving Away Cash For Free

If you’re looking to win some money but don’t want to buy any lotto tickets, this site may be for you.

12th December 2016

25 Epic Last Words By Famous People

From the profound and poetic to the inexplicable and epic, these are the last words of 25 of history’s most famous dead people.