23rd January 2017

12 Of The Best Signs From The Women's Marches From Around The World

What was meant to be a peaceful protest confined to Washington DC, ended up being a global phenomenon involving millions. Some of the protest banners were simply awesome..!!

22nd January 2017

25 Memorable Quotes By Dictators And Other Infamous Leaders

If you find yourself concerned with Donald Trump and his statements, remember one of these quotes next time he tweets something outlandish…

22nd January 2017

25 Of The Most Common Surnames Around The Globe

Okay, so Will has a pretty common last name where the Western World is concerned, but what about the planet as a whole?

18th January 2017

25 Most Well-Traveled Nationalities In The World

We’ve been moving to different parts of the globe since the dawn of time and so it’s no surprise we’re doing even more of it now that we’ve got airplanes. What is a surprise, however, is who is doing the traveling…

15th January 2017

Panda's Selfie Skills Are Next Level But Does It Promote Exploitation?

Should we be making a human out of an animal just because it’s cute?

15th January 2017

Maps Reveal What You Country Is Number 1 At

Which country is the best at eating pizza? Which country is home to the world’s finest cuisine in general? And of course, one we’ve all been looking forward to; which country is the capital of gay porn?

15th January 2017

This Mother Was Bullied On Instagram Because Of The Color Of Her Baby Bump

Harassed and bullied for this?! What year is it again?

15th January 2017

Teacher Who Got Pregnant By 13-Year-Old Boy Sentenced To 10 Years

We’ve heard of teachers having relationships with students before, but this is something else entirely!

15th January 2017

Sushi Might Not Be Around For Too Much Longer So Eat While You Still Can

As it turns out, sushi might have a shelf life of a different kind…

13th January 2017

Snow Closes Oregon Zoo So Keeper Skis Around To Check Out What The Animals Got Up To

What do you do when you’re an elephant and you’re seeing snow for the first time….??

12th January 2017

Japanese Researchers Warn That Peace Sign Can Lead To Identity Theft

Technology is responsible for many positive changes in the world, however, there are a few on the flip-side of that coin that are far more sinister. This is one of them…

12th January 2017

Monkey Tries It On With A Deer While Scientists Watch

…And you thought your fantasies were perverted!

11th January 2017

The 20 Most Popular Sports In The World

Because professional sports would be nothing without the fans, these are the top 20 sports in the world in terms of followers, fans and participants.

10th January 2017

25 Good Things About The World You Live In Right Now

The bad news sells and so it is that bad news that you’ll see on the television. But the truth is, there are some really positive signs about the state of the world if you actually look for them! Here’s 25 of those signs gathered together in the name of respite from constant negativity….

09th January 2017

12 Of The Weirdest Competitions From Around The World

There is testing of strength and endurance, but not as you know it…

09th January 2017

12 Fascinating Facts Science Taught Us During The Past Year

When you consider what science tells us is the length of life of our universe, on year isn’t much at all. But when we’re talking about what science can discover about our universe over the course of one year, well, that’s absolutely huge!

09th January 2017

Blind Expectant Mother Gets An Ultrasound And Is Amazed As Doctors Help Her "See" Her Baby For The First Time

When a mother lays eyes on her baby for the first time, it’s a truly magical occasion. But how does that work when mom is blind…?

09th January 2017

This Bar Just Introduced Raised The Drinking Age To 25 To Keep Out Young People

We kind of see their point but can they even do that..?!

09th January 2017

Why A Great Granny Has Been Praying To This Lord Of The Rings Figurine For Years

We’re not sure if we’re going to Hell for saying this, but that’s a definite fail!

09th January 2017

Are Meryl Streep and co. really what "will help get Trump re-elected"?

Trump fires back again using the old fashioned Presidential medium known as Twitter!