15th January 2017

Panda's Selfie Skills Are Next Level But Does It Promote Exploitation?

Should we be making a human out of an animal just because it’s cute?

12th January 2017

Japanese Researchers Warn That Peace Sign Can Lead To Identity Theft

Technology is responsible for many positive changes in the world, however, there are a few on the flip-side of that coin that are far more sinister. This is one of them…

11th January 2017

20 Different Things You Can Do With A Drone

They’re here to stay and they’re only getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s about time you get on before you get left behind…

09th January 2017

12 Fascinating Facts Science Taught Us During The Past Year

When you consider what science tells us is the length of life of our universe, on year isn’t much at all. But when we’re talking about what science can discover about our universe over the course of one year, well, that’s absolutely huge!

09th January 2017

Blind Expectant Mother Gets An Ultrasound And Is Amazed As Doctors Help Her "See" Her Baby For The First Time

When a mother lays eyes on her baby for the first time, it’s a truly magical occasion. But how does that work when mom is blind…?

05th January 2017

12 Social Media Facts For The Start Of 2017

There are more social media users now than there ever was. In fact, most people are online in some or another. Maybe the start of another year is a good time to understand just how much a part of your life it has become…

05th January 2017

12 Bizarre Contraceptive Methods Used In The Past

The Moon, crocodiles and liquid mercury… Man, they must really have wanted to not be pregnant!

23rd December 2016

12 Times Google Searches Turned Up Some Bizarre Suggestions

The human race has come to depend on Google. Now that we acknowledge that, we can gain an insight in to just how stupid that human race is. The answer it seems, it “very”, if search suggestions on Google are anything to go by.

23rd December 2016

12 Types Of Facebook Friends You Don't Need

The age of social networking has meant that you now spend less time thinking of the people who are close to you and deserve your attention, and more time concerning yourself with weirdos you would normally not associate with. They’re not all weirdos of course, but the following is a list of the worst type of friends to have on Facebook.

15th December 2016

20 Inappropriate But Funny Tweets About Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly (and wildly inappropriate).

15th December 2016

10 Autocorrect Fails of 2016 vs 10 Autocorrect Fails of 2012

Autocorrect has had four years to get it together. Have things changed…??

15th December 2016

20 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

The internet is awash with pictures which capture that one magical moment in time that can barely be replicated, so we scoured the far reaches to collect 20 of the best!

14th December 2016

Doctor Extracts Woman's "Mole" Which Turns Out To Be Gigantic Blackhead

Yes, it had to come out and yes, of course they took video of it!

12th December 2016

The 12 Oldest Domain Names on the Internet

Have you ever wondered which were the first domain names ever registered on the internet? We have. Among the vast, global circus and the myriad of different sites, we’ve found the first twelve to ever be registered and the dates on which they were given their .com.

12th December 2016

12 Of The Worst Plastic Surgery Fails On The Internet

It’s a question that is becoming more and more relevant as technological capabilities increase in a world which becomes ever more obsessed with appearances; Is cosmetic surgery for those who want it, rather than need it, the right thing to do? This list argues for the negative.

08th December 2016

12 Texts We Wish We Could Send To Our Cats

Nobody is saying that perhaps it might be good for your mental health to get out there and make some new human friends. Nobody is saying that at all….

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Grow A Beard

Hello my fellow bearded friends! How great are beards!?

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Play Games

Welcome to the new site that pays you to play games!

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Watch Videos

Welcome to the new site that pays you to watch videos!

06th December 2016

The 20 Best Celebrity Tweets Of 2016

It has been a crazy year in celeb-land and so much of the fun has played out on Twitter…