31st August 2016

Kim And Kanye's $30 Million New York Airbnb Pad

Oh, the irony of celebs getting gifted expensive things that only they can afford!

10th July 2016

Is This The Most Expensive Bunch Of Grapes Ever?

Could they ever taste good enough to justify the price tag?

28th June 2016

Young Millionaire Forced To Apologize For His Insulting Lamborghini Police Rant

Just how much are his “shoes worth”?!

24th May 2016

Instagram Account Gives Insight In To The Lives Of The "Rich Kids Of London"

Cash to burn….and burn it they will!

23rd April 2016

Top 10 Trending Beach Destinations Of This Year So Far

Do you deserve a holiday by the beach? Of course you do! These are the most popular destinations searched in early 2016.

19th April 2016

Fancy a Trip Around Taylor Swift's House?

Everyone has seen quite a bit of the Kardashian’s homes, but what about Taylor Swift? Fortunately, Vogue mag knocked on her door and were let in!

19th April 2016

7 Money Saving Tips From Billionaires Who Do It Best

These people didn’t become billionaires by accident. Check out their money-saving tips that are easy to adopt.

13th April 2016

Judge Rules In Favor Of Katy Perry In Her Battle With Nuns

Katy Perry has emerged victorious from her Los Angeles battle two nuns with God on their side!

07th April 2016

Is Kim Kardashian Really Sending Kanye West Broke?

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed genius, just can’t seem to find a way to keep up with his Kardashian and might be going broke in the process!

01st April 2016

Why Michael Jordan Will Make More Money Than Any Other Athlete in 2016, Even Though He's Long Retired

Michael Jordan has been retired now for 13 years, but he will still make more money this year than any other athlete, retired or still playing!

03rd March 2016

Audi Belonging to "Homeless" Man Is Smashed Up

An apparently home less man in England has angered residents by driving home in his Audi after a day of begging. Now, the car has been smashed up even though he no longer owns it.

26th May 2015

10 Stunning Images Of The Sustainable Bamboo Houses This Woman Builds In Indonesia

One day, Elora Harding decided she’d had enough of her job in the New York fashion industry, so she quit her job and moved to Bali, Indonesia to build bamboo homes for people. Before you start picturing bamboo homes in your head, check them out here – you won’t believe they’re actually real!

21st May 2015

5 Most Expensive Cities To Book a Hotel

This is one that will change as much as the weather, but according to the Bloomberg Hotel Index, these are the five most expensive cities in the world in which to book a hotel. So if you happen to live in one of these places you might want to consider renting the place out. If you want to visit, save your pennies…

22nd February 2015

Vice Media CEO Shane Smith Forks Over $300,000 for a Steak Dinner

How do you know you’ve reached “Wolf of Wall Street”-level wealth? When you can spend $385,000 on a steak dinner without even batting an eyelid.

06th January 2015

The 10 Most Spectacular Swim-up Bars in the World

Because the true meaning behind the word “holiday” is actually eating, drinking and peeing in a lagoon-style resort pool in some tropical paradise near the equator.

06th January 2015

15 Over-the-Top Middle Eastern Hotels

People in charge of running places like Dubai are far from stupid. They know that eventually, whether it is tomorrow or a hundred years from now, that the oil will inevitably run out. So they invest lots of cash in things like tourism so that they have a one-of-a-kind product going forward. Sometimes, these products are so crazily extravagant it is hard to believe they are real. This includes hotels mostly. Check some of them out.

31st December 2014

15 Craziest Perfume Bottle Ever

When you go to the store to buy some cologne or perfume, it is quite often as a gift for someone and so you are on the hunt for not only something that smells terrific, but also looks cool. Maybe something sleek and designed to look too good to hide in the bathroom cabinet……..or one of these extravagant designs.

14th December 2014

15 Awesome Ideas for Your Man Cave

If you want to have a respectable man cave which is bound to be the envy of your friends, you’re going to need to employ your ability to think outside the square every now and then. Alternatively, you could just borrow some of these awesome DIY man cave ideas.

11th December 2014

Spitbank Fort – the Strangest Luxury Hotel Ever

The 136-year-old structure known as Spitbank Fort was a gun emplacement until it nearly got destroyed in WWII. Now it’s a very expensive luxury hotel and function centre.

29th November 2014

Top 10 Most Unique Athlete Rides

Fame and fortune can afford you many things. Chief among them are the lavish material goods you can buy with your wealth. Admit it, if you had the pool of cash that the rich and famous have, you would spend it on the most outrageous of items. That is the epitome of buying it “because I can.” This shows off how much you are willing to throw your money around.