23rd February 2017

20 Reasons You Should Start Working Out Today

You’ll be amazed how much more there is to simply just looking better….

23rd February 2017

20 "Why Me?" Quotes For When Life Gets You Down

We all ask that question at some point or another when things aren’t going exactly as we’d planned. But the beauty of us all knowing the feeling, is that there are a whole bunch of inspirational people who’ve been quoted on answering that very question…

21st February 2017

5 Techniques To Get People To Really Listen To You

All the talking in the world won’t make somebody truly listen. If you actually want to be heard, start with these 5 simple but surefire ways to make your words count…

21st February 2017

Here's What The 5 Major Personality Traits Reveal About You

Think about it; you’re personality is who you are and influences everything you do. While we are all unique, there are 5 major personality traits which have the major say in how you go about life. It can be surprising how much of an insight this provides…

15th February 2017

5 Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Smarter

Nobody’s saying you’re dumb but if it’s this easy to make yourself a little smarter, then why wouldn’t you…?!

15th February 2017

This Is What You Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Worst Qualities

Of course, it is only natural for us to look at the zodiac signs to tell us a bit more about ourselves and see that in a positive light. But what about when you turn the spotlight on to the qualities we might not be so proud of? Here’s what your zodiac sign tells you about the negative aspects…

12th February 2017

5 Simple Hacks To Boost Your Powers Of Concentration

One of the biggest challenges in our everyday as we try and get things done in the name of productivity and ticking boxes, is waning concentration. Sometimes, coffee simply isn’t enough. Here’s 5 easy tricks you can use to get those boxes ticked…

06th February 2017

25 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes People Have Ever Spoken

It might be just what you need to turn your day around. It could even be exactly what you need to turn your life around…

02nd February 2017

20 Brutal Truths About Life You Need To Come To Terms With

Before you can really be who you want to be, you must first look life in the face and accept some brutal truths that exist whether you like it or not. Here’s the 20 main ones…

02nd February 2017

20 Reasons Why Some People Always Seem Like They're Happy

Some people always see the glass half full while you’re busy trying to convince yourself it’s not half empty because you think that’s what you should be doing. They might not have more money than you, but they appear to have found the secret to happiness. Of course, there are reasons why this is so. Here’s 20 of them…

01st February 2017

20 Perfect Quotes About Happiness For Those Days When You Need A Boost

There’s a reason why people take notice of quotes. It’s because they sum concepts up with a handful of words we can all relate to. What better time to look at quotes than when we’re trying to put happiness in to perspective….??

31st January 2017

5 Ways To Make Sure People Listen When You Talk

There’s nothing like being confident you have the power to make people listen when you’re speaking. Here’s 5 simple tricks you can employ to make sure that happens…

31st January 2017

5 Reasons You Continue To Struggle Losing Weight

You’re dieting, working out regularly, and ticking all the boxes that should result in weight loss but you’re simply not seeing results. Why is this happening?! Here’s 5 simple answers to that very question…

31st January 2017

5 Habits That Are Making You Miserable

Your state of mind depends on your mental habits and thought patterns. Here’s 5 you can change to make yourself happier…

31st January 2017

5 Everyday Things You've Probably Been Doing Wrong Your Whole Life

You’ve been doing this things your whole life but you’ve probably been shortening your life in the process…

31st January 2017

5 Simple And Easy To Adopt Anger Management Tricks

Anger is a perfectly natural emotion, however, in can sometimes exacerbate our problems. Here’s 5 sure-fire ways to curb it a little to help you stay calm…

29th January 2017

25 Things You Need To Think When Considering Adopting A Dog

We don’t need to get in to how positively adopting a dog can affect your life. However, it’s only a good thing for both you and the puppy, so long as you do it right. There’s quite a few things to consider first…

29th January 2017

25 Of The Most Badass Quotes Of All Time

…For when the task at hand requires to be nothing but a tough, uncompromising, total badass!

27th January 2017

5 Great Comebacks In Response To Arrogant People

Sometimes judgmental people fill us with so much rage and resentment that we often fantasize that perhaps a physical response is the only way we could satisfactorily reply. Fortunately, it isn’t…

27th January 2017

Here's How You Can Make Yourself Fall Asleep In Under One Minute

We don’t have to list the reasons why sleep is important for both the body and mind but being concerned about that often only adds to the stress and difficulties of falling asleep. This little trick could change all that for you….