10th January 2017

25 Slightly Odd Facts About Sleeping

Do you even know why you sleep? Like, apart from being tired….

10th January 2017

25 Best Muscle Building Foods

Even if you don’t want to be one of those dudes who needs to walk sideways through a door, most of us want to build a bit of extra muscle. However, that takes time and commitment and can be difficult. The good news, however, is that diet plays a huge role in both weight loss and muscle gain. So you can do most of the work in your kitchen…

09th January 2017

12 Of The Weirdest Animals On Planet Earth Right Now

Needless to say, you won’t find dogs or cats on this list. In fact, if you have any animal on this list as a pet, you could be a bit of a weirdo! You could also be violating a law in some exotic country too…

09th January 2017

12 Of The Most Controversial Songs Ever Written

Can one song really make you kill yourself?!

09th January 2017

12 Of The Weirdest Competitions From Around The World

There is testing of strength and endurance, but not as you know it…

09th January 2017

12 Texts To Make You Happy That You're Single

It’s easier to be cruel than kind. Especially when you’ve got a phone…

09th January 2017

12 Of The Best Text Practical Jokes And Fails Found On The Internet

The humble text message has long been a convenient way to tell someone something. It’s been keeping us amused for about as long…

09th January 2017

12 Fascinating Facts Science Taught Us During The Past Year

When you consider what science tells us is the length of life of our universe, on year isn’t much at all. But when we’re talking about what science can discover about our universe over the course of one year, well, that’s absolutely huge!

09th January 2017

12 Hilariously Epic Roadworks Fails

The aliens would have come to greet us by now, but they saw these guys and decided on continuing their search for intelligent life…

09th January 2017

5 Relaxation Techniques To Use To Ensure Quality Sleep

It’s all about flushing out that stress and anxiety so you can get down to the real business at hand: deep sleep!

09th January 2017

Elephants Cries Actual Tears After Being Released From 50 Years In Shackles

Get out the tissues, kids! This one is equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming…

09th January 2017

5 Ways Traveling Can Benefit Your Career

This is where your real life education starts…

09th January 2017

Blind Expectant Mother Gets An Ultrasound And Is Amazed As Doctors Help Her "See" Her Baby For The First Time

When a mother lays eyes on her baby for the first time, it’s a truly magical occasion. But how does that work when mom is blind…?

09th January 2017

This Bar Just Introduced Raised The Drinking Age To 25 To Keep Out Young People

We kind of see their point but can they even do that..?!

09th January 2017

Animal Shelter Makes Hilariously Tongue-In-Cheek, Low-Budget Commercial That's Going Viral

Proof you don’t need a big budget to create genius!

09th January 2017

Why A Great Granny Has Been Praying To This Lord Of The Rings Figurine For Years

We’re not sure if we’re going to Hell for saying this, but that’s a definite fail!

09th January 2017

Why Ellen Banned Homophobic Singer From Her Talk Show

Just who is the “perverted” one in all of this..??

09th January 2017

Are Meryl Streep and co. really what "will help get Trump re-elected"?

Trump fires back again using the old fashioned Presidential medium known as Twitter!

07th January 2017

20 Happy Facts To Make Your Day

With all of the bad news all over the internet and our televisions, would it be nice to learn a bit of happy stuff, just for a little while at least?

06th January 2017

The 10 Most And Least Ignorant Countries On The Planet

Produced by Ipsos MORI, the most recent “Index of Ignorance” throws up some alarming surprises…