27th June 2014

25 Kids Who Took Destruction To A New Level

Any child can take the great day you’re having and turn it into a nightmare. It’s almost like children have a special “chaos” setting that they can just turn on and off. These kids in particular? They left it on.

29th May 2014

15 Worst Movie Mistakes

Movies generally do a pretty good job of hiding their mistakes. But once in a while, there are mistakes that go unnoticed for years until one person spots it…and informs the entire internet.

29th May 2014

11 Relationship Texting Fails

What do you do if you drunkenly send your dad a butt selfie? Double down with an epic boobs shot, of course.

27th May 2014

Top 9 Twerking Fails

The twerk – the epitome of bad dancing. Everyone that does it looks like a complete tool – here are some examples.

27th May 2014

15 Terrible Photoshop Fails

We’ve all seen some terrible photoshop fails on the internet, but these really take the cake. You’re not fooling anyone!

29th April 2014

33 Most Unfortunate Typos Of All Time

Some of these unfortunate typos are incredibly cringe worthy – but all are rather hilarious.

13th March 2014

30 Hilarious Chinese Translation Fails.

Everyone loves a good laugh, and when it comes to translation fails, China never fails to deliver. These are some of the most hilarious and ridiculous translation fails we’ve ever come across.

11th March 2014

Most Awkward Wedding Photos Ever Taken

Some of these wedding photos fill your heart with joy that these people found each other, and others make you rethink their union

03rd March 2014

Travolta’s Stuff-up at the 2014 Academy Awards

JOHN Travolta made a special appearance at today’s Academy Awards, introducing a performance by singer and actor Idina Menzel.