17th November 2014

15 Great “You’re doing it wrong” moments

Sometimes it is fun to laugh at the misfortune of others, especially when the reason you get to laugh so hard is that they make you feel better about yourself through sheer silliness. There’s other times it’s just funny to watch people who have no idea what to do outside their comfort zone.

17th November 2014

15 Google Searches Rendered Ridiculous by Autocomplete

The human race has come to depend on Google. Now that we acknowledge that, we can gain an insight in to just how stupid that human race is. The answer it seems, it “very”, if search suggestions on Google are anything to go by.

17th November 2014

15 Fantastic Pranks

Sometimes you find yourself becoming a part of a continuous battle or the ridiculous when someone pulls a prank on you and you see no other option but retribution. Then there are other times when you just feel the need to get under someone’s skin simply because they get under yours by breathing the same air that you do. If you lack some inspiration, here’s a few fantastic ideas.

17th November 2014

10 Of The Worst Business Decisions of all Time

Feeling remorseful because you bought something for $30 then saw it somewhere else for $20 later that day? These billion dollar screw-ups should make you feel a little better about that!

14th November 2014

15 Of The Worst Nautical Disasters

The open water is a very dangerous place. Outside of any number of small vessel accidents one can get into, many sea-faring vehicles are meant for large groups of people to traverse the seas or ship extremely large amounts of hazardous materials across oceans. Factor in the chaotic weather that occurs across open water, and you’ve all but guaranteed a number of disasters are going to occur.

11th November 2014

24 Examples of Extremely Terrible Design

Whether it’s a product, advertisement or a home remodel, these are some of the worst executed designs of all time.

10th November 2014

28 Awkward Family Photos

Beards. Cats. Family photos. These proud fathers are not afraid to show the world who they really are…even if that means slightly humiliating their loved ones.

07th November 2014

Top 15 Biggest Business Fails in History

Apparently, about half of all business ventures fail within the first five years, starting and leaving under the radar with little fanfare. Some though, start off like their world is theirs, only to crash and burn some time down the track. This list is of the latter.

30th October 2014

15 of the Worst Movies to Have Been Released

We are all aware of what the movie viewing public knows as the greatest efforts that cinema has produced and we applaud those actors, directors and producers wo are responsible. But what about the poorest movies where you just can’t quite seem to understand how or why the movie got past stage one when it is so very bad.

15th October 2014

15 Facebook Posts That Resulted in a Meeting with Police

If you though that Facebook was a free-for-all which allowed you to post whatever you want without repercussions, unfortunately you are wrong. In fact, you may be on this list. The following a bunch of occasions in which people made stupid posts that got them in trouble with the law.

13th October 2014

13 Awkward White People Big Boobs Big Butts Autocorrect Fails

Doesn’t autocorrect just keep on giving and giving? He are some quite awkward fails that relate to the good things in life; mostly boobs and butts.

13th October 2014

15 Laziest Halloween Costumes

Left it to the last minute to sort out a costume for your friend’s Halloween party? Well you better think of something because you might not think it’s a big deal to rock up without a costume but trust me, you’ll be shunned by everyone there and you’ll most definitely be going home alone at the end of the night. Actually there you go, home alone… it’s not hard to dress up as modern day Macaulay Culkin.

05th October 2014

9 Biggest Dating Text Fails

Some of these people are just plain idiots when it comes to what they put in to text form. Take a moment and laugh at their stupidity.

21st September 2014

21 Parking Fails

It’s terrifying to think the drivers of these cars actually have licenses and are out there driving around on the road with the rest of us!

08th September 2014

The 19 Most Hilarious High-Five Fails Of All Time

When executed properly, the high five can unite two human souls through the palm of the hand. But when they go wrong, the world knows the meaning of cringe.

03rd September 2014

Congrats, You Failed As a Parent (10 Images)

Parenting is arguably one of the most difficult things to ever do in life. Here are some funny examples of some not so great parenting techniques.

28th August 2014

23 Times When Kids Tried To Be Grownups And Failed Hilariously

It seems like kids are always in a rush to grow up, but these guys are better off waiting a long, long time before turning into adults.

27th August 2014

10 WTF Car Problems

Smart Cars are nice because of their sky high gas milage, but it is the ability to tip them over with one hand that makes them the hottest car on the planet.

21st August 2014

33 Absolute Worst Times To Take A Photo

There is a time and place for taking pictures. These are not it. Some of these people are in absolute life threatening situations and all they can think about is making sure they have a shot of it for sharing on social media.

14th August 2014

You’re Doing It Wrong (15 Photos)

Some times people take things a little too literally and some times people are just plain stupid.