18th March 2014

How Hackers Could Be Watching You Right Now Through Your Webcam

New computer security research has found that even newer PCs with built-in webcams are prone to an attack that allows hackers to remotely watch and surveil their victims.

17th March 2014

10 Movies that Transformed Cinema with Special Effects

EVERY summer Hollywood is inundated with big-budget action films with a visual effects budget larger than the net gross of a small country. After all, leave it to the film industry to find new ways to blow something up.

17th March 2014

The Real Story Behind Hugely Successful Dating App Tinder

Since hugely addictive dating app Tinder launched in September 2012 it’s achieved the kind of explosive success that can only happen in the digital age.

17th March 2014

Silicon Valley billionaire buys record life insurance policy

AN UNNAMED Silicon Valley billionaire has purchased the world’s most valuable life insurance policy, worth $201 million.

13th March 2014

Facebook begins rolling out TV-style ads

FACEBOOK has begun weaving video ads into people’s news feeds in a bid to grab revenue from the lucrative television market.

06th March 2014

Facebook redesigns News Feed (don’t freak out)

FACEBOOK announced Tuesday that it’s changing the News Feed. But before you freak out, know that the update seems so far to be nothing major.

06th March 2014

Mystery bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto named as Dorian S. Nakamoto

NEWSWEEK said it has found the enigmatic creator of the online currency bitcoin, a reclusive Japanese-American physicist and model train fan whose name is actually Satoshi Nakamoto.

04th March 2014

The Bluetooth smartring that lets you rule all your gadgets

Just pop this device on your index finger and trace “TV” in the air. You’ve just turned on the television. Now trace out a sentence. Voila – there it is on your smartphone screen.

26th February 2014

The Shocking Scale of Google’s Grand Plan (8 Pages)

– Is this Google’s creepiest prediction yet?
– Get lost Google: Is the tech giant killing San Francisco?
– Google makes smart contact lens for diabetics

24th February 2014

Sony announces Xperia Z2 with 4K video recording, 20.7MP camera and noise cancelling audio

IF WATCHING movies, taking photos, recording videos and listening to music is what you use your phone for, then Sony’s new flagship Xperia Z2 could be the device for you.

24th February 2014

Samsung Releases New Galaxy S5 Smartphone to take on Apple

SAMSUNG has finally taken the sheet off its latest Galaxy S5 smartphone device in its continuing war against Apple for smartphone domination.

24th February 2014

6 Things Facebook Knows About Your Love Life

Women like older men, relationships that start in winter last longer, and Jedis have a tough time, according to Facebook’s data geeks.

23rd February 2014

Website Turns Smartphone into Game Boy

FANS of Nintendo’s legendary Game Boy have been given a boost thanks to a new website that allows users to recreate the classic console on smartphones.

23rd February 2014

Facebook changes what happens to your profile when you die

EMBARRASSING Facebook photos will now haunt you in the afterlife.

19th February 2014

Bitcoin ATMs coming to a place near you

EVEN if you aren’t sure what a Bitcoin is, you may soon find them at a nearby machine.

19th February 2014

Facebook buys WhatsApp for $16bn

FACEBOOK said Wednesday it was buying the fast-growing messaging service WhatsApp for more than $16 billion in cash and stock, expanding the global footprint of the social networking giant.

19th February 2014

Amazing Auctions Let You Buy iPads and Other Electronics for Under $40

Few things match the thrill of getting an incredible deal on an item we really crave. It’s a basic human response that we all can relate to.

16th February 2014

Nike Designer Says They Will Make "Back To The Future" Power Laces For 2015

In 2011, Nike unveiled a limited edition replica of Marty McFly’s super baller high-tops from Back To The Future II called the Nike Air MAG.

16th February 2014

15 Celebrity Instagrams You Need To See This Week

It turns out that celebrities do every day stuff just like us. Take a look at what happened this week in the world of Instagram.

16th February 2014

14 Mac Hacks That Will Change The Way You Use Your Computer

These life-changing shortcuts are RIGHT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS. Note that some of these tips and tricks will vary depending on which exact iteration of OS X you have.