21st October 2014

Why Your Phone Could Be Making You Fat

If there is an obesity epidemic threatening the Western world then there is a good chance that mobile phones are not helping the problem. More specifically, charging your mobile phone in your bedroom while you sleep could actually make you put on weight, at least according to scientists in Spain.

21st October 2014

Why Do People Walk and Talk In Their Sleep?

Once, when living in a share house with a good friend of mine, I awoke in the middle of the night to find him standing at the end of my bed, staring through me with vacant eyes that didn’t seem to reflect the soul, as they are meant to. I instantly thought we must have been filming the sequel to The Blair Witch Project but nobody had remembered to inform me.

02nd October 2014

The Centuries-Long Debate Over Male Circumcision

As awkward as it might be to talk about, perhaps male circumcisions need a bit more discussion in the public arena. After all, it is the only non-essential surgical procedure where the patient doesn’t consent to it. Do parents really have the right to make that call for their son? Does a doctor really have the right to remove something that belongs to a child who can’t speak for himself yet?

29th September 2014

21 Body Epiphanies That Will Change The Way You See Yourself

You live in your body every day, but not once have you thought about it like this.

08th September 2014

6 Ways To Cleanse Your Lungs

Congratulations to anyone who is an ex-smoker or has never smoked at all in the first place. It’s safe to say that most people are aware of the dangers of smoking. But what about other pollutants your lungs are exposed to? Not just second-hand smoke but industrial pollution, chemtrails, exhaust fumes from cars and trucks… for those of us living in built up areas especially, our lungs are exposed to a lot of filth.

27th August 2014

12 Rare And Bizarre Medical Conditions

We’ve never seen anything quite like some of these. It will astound you as to how some of these people live their lives. Warning: Some disturbing images.

22nd July 2014

20 Amazing Facts About The Human Body That Will Blow Your Mind.

The human body sure is amazing. It may not seem that way while you’re hunched over looking at your computer with nothing but a towel on, but it is. That’s not to say you shouldn’t actually get dressed, though.

15th July 2014

10 Foods To Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The National Diabetes Action Program say that the key to preventing the onset of type 2 diabetes is “long-term weight loss and reducing your waist measurement” as well as “healthy eating and regular physical activity.”

So, in honour of National Diabetes week this week, nutritionist and dietitian Kara Landau has outlined the top ten foods we should be incorporating into our diets to help with the production of insulin, control blood glucose levels, and prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes:

15th July 2014

Professor Reveals What Foods Really Help Shed Kilos

Eating unripe bananas, avoiding mashed potatoes, skipping the tofu and avoiding sweet smoothies can all help dieters maintain a healthy weight, say biochemistry Professor Rodney Bilton of Liverpool John Moores University

03rd July 2014

32 Gym Confessions That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Gag

Whether you love or loath the gym, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to these gym related confessions.

13th June 2014

12 Pics of How Good Exercise can be for you

We all know it’s what’s on the inside that makes someone beautiful – but why not make the outside just as beautiful.

02nd June 2014

9 Foods That Are Good For Your Face

GOOD skin: It’s something we all want, but often don’t have — and it might be because of what you’re eating.

So before you toss back comfort foods like hot dogs, chips or beer, think about how it might affect how you look and feel — and no, we don’t mean your waistline.

19th May 2014

Gluten: What it is, what food it’s in and whether it’s bad for you

THIS gluten-free trend is getting a little out of control. Everyone seems to be jumping onto the bandwagon, but many have forgotten to do some research first.

06th May 2014

Emma Stone Opens Up On Shrinking Frame

Recently, much has been made over actor Emma Stone’s rapidly shrinking frame, but the actor told Seventeen.com that she’s healthy and her weight loss has everything to do with genetics rather than anything sinister.

18th March 2014

24 Famous People Who Couldn't Stop Eating and Got Fat

Being in the public eye sucks. No matter what you do, more than likely your looks are going to change. This is a list of actors who went from fit to fat over the years.

13th March 2014

26 Simple Tips To Living Longer.

It’s the age old question: how can we live longer, healthier lives?

11th March 2014

8 Celebrity ‘Before And After’ Weight Loss Photos

Everybody loves a celebrity weight loss story, and whenever a celebrity does come out into the open with a new body, people are fascinated by how they managed to do it.

Take a look at some of these amazing weight loss transformations…

11th March 2014

5 mysterious health foods

FORGET kale and chia seeds.
There’s a whole new line-up of superfood products in town. They all claim to do wonders for your health, but are these foods actually that good for you? We’ve spoken to the experts and got the skinny on these five ‘miracle’ foods.

26th February 2014

26 Signs Your Metabolism Isn’t What It Used To Be

If only eating everything you want had zero consequences.

23rd February 2014

25 Signs Dieting Just Isn’t For You

Nothing feels as good as bacon and chocolate taste.