27th January 2015

3 People Who Miraculously Survived the Impossible

Think along the lines of 127 Hours… but 100 feet below sea level or 8600 feet in the air. How these people survived is almost as unbelievable as how none of these stories have been made into Hollywood blockbusters!

27th January 2015

This Girl Removed Her Mask After 2 Years… These 9 Photos Will Leave You Speechless

Dana Vulin was doused in methylated spirits and set alight in 2012, and now she is ready to reveal her new face to the world.

18th January 2015

12 Photos of Two Men Free Climbing Up a 900m Vertical Wall

It took 19 days for Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson to climb up one of the tallest and toughest vertical walls in the world using nothing but their bare hands.

15th January 2015

15 Celebrities’ Incredible Final Words

“It’s such a cliché when people die mid-sent…” Some are witty, some are profound, some are hilarious, some are ironic, and some are just straight up weird.

06th January 2015

7-year-old Girl Survives Plane Crash That Kills Her Family & Treks Through Woods for Help

Little Sailor Gutzler crawled away from a plane wreckage and made a torch from some of the burning debris to help her see in the dark as she made her way through the woods with several broken bones to seek help for her family.

05th January 2015

15 Inspirational Images of What This Bride Did After Getting Left at the Altar

Shelby Swink got left at the altar in November – but what she decided to do on her big wedding day is the most inspirational thing you’ll read all week.

04th January 2015

Give a Homeless Person $100 and Watch a Miracle Happen

A YouTuber gave a homeless man a hundred dollars and followed him with a camera to see what he’d do with it. What this man does with that hundred dollars will remind you that there’s still good in the world.

22nd December 2014

Pope Says That You Can See Your Dog in the Afterlife

In news that is bound to please dog lovers the world over, the head of the Catholic Church, the progressive Pope Francis, say that all dogs will go to Heaven.

17th December 2014

15 of the Most Inspirational Movie Quotes

For the most part, films are merely pieces of art of varying quality, meant to let us escape the real world just for a little while and have some sort of vicarious journey. But then only sometimes, do characters or particular things these characters say, inspire us in some way by making us identify with who we are, or who we want to be. This is a list of fifteen of the quotes that insight these feelings.

12th December 2014

Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Do you live in one of the fifteen happiest countries in the world?

11th December 2014

How to Cheer a Guy Up

15 simple tips and advice for cheering up your boyfriend when he’s feeling down.

24th November 2014

You Won’t Believe What These 2 Anonymous Students do Every Week at School

Plenty of students sneak into their schools on the weekend to get up to all kinds of mischief, but none quite like these two!

22nd November 2014

The Most Inspiring Places in the World

Need a little inspiration? Perhaps you’ve got writer’s block, or a lack of motivation. Or maybe you’re looking for interesting holiday ideas! Take a browse through these lesser-known tourist destinations and be blown away.

14th November 2014

20 Things That Define Your Personality

The following twenty are the most dominating factors influencing who you are, and who you’ll become. Many are interrelated, some might be examples of correlation and not causation, but all of them at least share a strong link to the way we behave, altering our mood, memory, thinking, and health.

10th November 2014

Dying co-creator of The Simpsons is giving away his millions to charity as he enters his final days

AS the co-creator of iconic animation series The Simpsons, Sam Simon has amassed a personal fortune of more than $100 million.

But as he enters his final days, battling terminal colon cancer, the famed Hollywood producer and director is giving it all away to charity.

09th November 2014

42 Powerful Moments Of Human Compassion

When all we hear about are the casualty figures, it can be difficult to remember the immense human compassion that thrives during times of violence. The people in these photographs said “no” to hate and instead chose love. They should serve as an example to us all.

04th November 2014

10 Celebrities Who Bravely Battled Breast Cancer

Within this group of courageous survivors are several celebrities. We often look up to our favourite celebs, as we aim to emulate their values, lifestyles and attitudes. That’s why it might be empowering for many to know that there are those A-listers who fought – or are currently fighting – breast cancer.

23rd October 2014

40 Powerful Photos Of Love And Its Many Beautiful Forms

Caution: These photos might cause you to fall in love with humanity again. What a problem to have hey?

21st October 2014

Dead French Soldier’s Bedroom Left Untouched Since 1918

It has been discovered that the bedroom of a French soldier has lain untouched for almost a whole century, and it appears that it could stay that way for a while.

29th September 2014

15 People Who Became Successful After Being Homeless

Bill Hicks once said that all you need to become homeless is the right girl, the right bar and the wrong friends. Those in this list were, in some form or other, homeless for a time but then went on to be very successful.