19th February 2017

12 Famous Leap Year Babies Who Won't Have A Birthday This Year

The real question is what age do they put on their driver’s license?

16th February 2017

20 Of The Oddest Phobias That Are Actually Real

Being scared of heights (acrophobia) is totally boring compared to these bizarre but legit irrational fears…

16th February 2017

20 Actual People With Very Strange Names

All this time you thought “John Smith” was totally boring. That’s until you heard some of these inconvenient and/or just plain ridiculous names…

16th February 2017

20 Famous Quotes Which Praise Cultural Diversity

These quotes have been spoken at various times over the years but somehow, they’re all very relevant now…

16th February 2017

20 Smartest Animals On The Planet

We seem to think that we humans are far-and-away the smartest creatures on the planet. But the truth is, these 20 animals might not be as far behind as we think…

15th February 2017

The Truth About Why Bacon Tastes So Good

Have you ever wondered why bacon is so delicious? Well, it appears that there might be a bit more science behind it than we may have considered….

15th February 2017

5 Reasons You Shouldn't Take Your Ex Back When They Come Crawling Back To You

Just because breakups are painful and they suck, doesn’t necessarily mean you should let them back in your life, does it?

15th February 2017

5 Easy Everyday Things You Can Do To Make Yourself Smarter

Nobody’s saying you’re dumb but if it’s this easy to make yourself a little smarter, then why wouldn’t you…?!

15th February 2017

12 Mildly Clever But Ultimately Embarrassing Tattoo Fails

Well, at least they tried, right…??

15th February 2017

12 Of The Best Yearbook Quotes You're Ever Going To See

These guys absolutely nailed their yearbook quotes and will surely go far in life…

15th February 2017

This Is What You Zodiac Sign Reveals About Your Worst Qualities

Of course, it is only natural for us to look at the zodiac signs to tell us a bit more about ourselves and see that in a positive light. But what about when you turn the spotlight on to the qualities we might not be so proud of? Here’s what your zodiac sign tells you about the negative aspects…

15th February 2017

Starbucks Baristas Share The Most Annoying Orders They've Ever Received

If nothing else, at least we now have the term “backseat barista”…

15th February 2017

12 Flag Options For When Man Finally Sets Foot On Mars

We’ve got to settle on one of them at some point soon, right?

15th February 2017

Guy Trolls His Girlfriend With The Most Brutal Of Valentine's Day Surprises

When it comes to Valentine’s Day trolls, they simply don’t come much more brutal than this one…

15th February 2017

20 Of The Funniest Ever Google Searches

Ever wondered what happens when you Google “Steven Seagull” by accident? It’s all downhill from there…

14th February 2017

25 Of The Strangest Books Ever Published

So far, without reading it, I can really only think of two, maybe three, things to do with a cat’s lifeless corpse….

14th February 2017

25 Best And Most Ridiculous Ever Questions Asked On Yahoo Answers

If you’re not sure where to go for help with your pressing matters, it’s probably best that you start with Yahoo Answers. If for no other reason than we enjoy laughing at you…

14th February 2017

25 Of The Worst Tattoos They Definitely Regretted

The internet is forever. So are tattoos. These 25 examples are “exreme”-ly “awsome”examples and yet they “regret nohing”…

14th February 2017

25 Of The Weirdest Celebrity Child Names

Are there days where Sage Moonblood Stallone wakes up wishing he was called “John Smith”?

13th February 2017

25 Of The Stupidest Questions Ever Asked In Class As Shared By Students And Teachers

There are times when people choose to speak and the results are so mindbogglingly dumb that all we can do is laugh. Here are 25 such occasions, as shared by Reddit users…