21st December 2016

Russian Deep Sea Fisherman Posts Nightmarish Creatures On Instagram

Some beasts from beneath are colorful and cute ….and then there’s these nightmare-inducing monstrosities.

14th December 2016

Secret Santa Pays Off $46K In Layaways At Walmart Store

Did anybody think to check if these people had been naughty or nice?

14th December 2016

Researchers Say Humans Lost The Penis Bone Because Sex Was Too Short

Everyone’s minds are now fixated on the word “boner”, right?

13th December 2016

Aussie Surfer Surfs Under Northern Lights

Australian surfer Mick Fanning just managed to Trump every other surfer on the planet. He said he was “screaming with excitement”….

11th December 2016

This Strange Spherical Cloud Was Just Spotted Hovering Over Japan

Clouds come in all sorts of weird shapes and sizes but when we see one that appears to be a perfect sphere, that’s when we start to freak out a little bit….

05th December 2016

25 Strange Facts About 25 Random Countries Around The World

There’s almost 200 countries in the world and so it is almost impossible to keep up with all of them. That being said, you’re going to have a hard time believing these 25 strange facts about these countries ….but they’re 100% true!

05th December 2016

25 Interesting And Unique Fats About Fidel Castro

After one of the longest political careers in history, Fidel Castro died recently. Was he a hero or a villain? How much do we really know about one of the most influential figures of all time?

28th November 2016

20 Famous Celebrities That Are Muslims

Islam is one of the world’s main religions, and despite the bad press it so often receives, there are many good people who follow Islam. Many of those happen to be celebs who were either born in to the religion, or converted to it…

28th November 2016

JK Rowling Is A Billionaire Again Despite Losing Her Status Through Charitable Giving

Is it magic that has seen her climb back on the billionaire rich list?

24th November 2016

Man Dies After Speed-Eating Contest In Japan

Eating contests in Japan probably aren’t what you think they are…

22nd November 2016

The 12 Most Remote Places On Earth

There’s now well over seven billion of us walking the Earth, so where can we go to get away from it all? Well, there 12 places are a pretty safe bet, even now….

21st November 2016

Kanye West Taken To Hospital Following Onstage Rants And Abrupt Tour Cancellation

Following an abrupt cancellation of his national tour, Kanye West has been rushed to hospital against his will….

21st November 2016

People Have Begun Sharing The Embarrassing Art In Their Towns On Social Media

Unfortunately, not every town or city can have something as iconic as the Statue of Liberty or Christ the Redeemer – some of them get this instead…

21st November 2016

20 Things You Didn't Know About The White House

It won’t be long before the Obamas move out and The Donald and Melania move in. The Trumps will then discover what the White House has to offer. For one of the most iconic structures on Earth, the walls still house so many secrets…

21st November 2016

25 Of The Planet's Weirdest Food Dishes

I like ice cream. I like chicken. But I’ve never thought to myself “Man, I could really go for some chicken-flavored ice cream right now”. That’s because it would be disgusting. Having said that, I’d eat bucket full of the stuff before most of the dishes on this list that some people around the world think are delicious…

15th November 2016

20 Slightly Strange Things We Didn't Know About Italy

Stereotypes tell us that this is a good place to start if you are looking for good pizza, pasta and coffee. But what about those things we didn’t know about Italy that are just as interesting?

15th November 2016

20 Most Powerful Cities on the Planet

Everybody seems to be moving closer to the cities. As these bigger cities get larger and larger, there are a few of them which we know as the most powerful in the world. These are the 20 most powerful in order, counting down to number 1.

15th November 2016

20 Cheapest Places In The World To Visit As A Backpacker

So many people spend their twenties (and later) going out to see the world with nothing but a backpack and curiosity. Many of them come home not long after because they have no money left. Here are the twenty cheapest places to go to help you stay on the road longer.

15th November 2016

10 Strange Sex Rituals From Around The World

This is not how they do it on the Discovery Channel…

15th November 2016

10 WTF Facts About Japan That Will Surprise You

There are certain things we think of when we think Japan; technology, manga, anime, sumo, samurai, etc. But there is so much more we don’t often hear about. Like these 10 crazy facts, for example. I’m sure you didn’t know all of them…