14th December 2016

Doctor Extracts Woman's "Mole" Which Turns Out To Be Gigantic Blackhead

Yes, it had to come out and yes, of course they took video of it!

12th December 2016

The 12 Oldest Domain Names on the Internet

Have you ever wondered which were the first domain names ever registered on the internet? We have. Among the vast, global circus and the myriad of different sites, we’ve found the first twelve to ever be registered and the dates on which they were given their .com.

12th December 2016

12 Of The Worst Plastic Surgery Fails On The Internet

It’s a question that is becoming more and more relevant as technological capabilities increase in a world which becomes ever more obsessed with appearances; Is cosmetic surgery for those who want it, rather than need it, the right thing to do? This list argues for the negative.

08th December 2016

12 Texts We Wish We Could Send To Our Cats

Nobody is saying that perhaps it might be good for your mental health to get out there and make some new human friends. Nobody is saying that at all….

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Grow A Beard

Hello my fellow bearded friends! How great are beards!?

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Play Games

Welcome to the new site that pays you to play games!

07th December 2016

How To Get Paid To Watch Videos

Welcome to the new site that pays you to watch videos!

06th December 2016

The 20 Best Celebrity Tweets Of 2016

It has been a crazy year in celeb-land and so much of the fun has played out on Twitter…

28th November 2016

25 More Of The Dumbest Tweets Twitter Has Ever Seen

Seriously though, how have these people not killed themselves by sticking a knife in the toaster..??!!

28th November 2016

25 Of The Dumbest Tweets Twitter Has Ever Seen

Some people tweet funny stuff on purpose, then there’s the people who astound us with their stupidity. We like those people because, not only do they make us laugh, they also make us feel better about ourselves!

28th November 2016

Dad's Attempt To Recreate Daughter's Instagram Pics Garners Thousands More Followers Than Her

Upon seeing his daughter’s risqué selfies, this dad decided to post a few of his own in the name of good parenting…

15th November 2016

20 Most Powerful Cities on the Planet

Everybody seems to be moving closer to the cities. As these bigger cities get larger and larger, there are a few of them which we know as the most powerful in the world. These are the 20 most powerful in order, counting down to number 1.

12th November 2016

25 Facts About Space That Are Both Awesome And Scary

In the grand scheme of things, there’s really very little that we do know about the universe in comparison to what we’re still to learn. But space is massive, and we do know some pretty crazy stuff already…

11th November 2016

25 Hilarious Tweets For Science Nerds

You might be that person who everybody points to as the stereotypical science nerd, or you might be hiding in the closet. Either way, there’s nothing better than someone who gets it…

07th November 2016

20 Parents Who Are Better At Texting Than Their Kids

We thought that becoming a parent meant you had to ditch your sense of humor ….apparently not!

02nd November 2016

Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her An iPhone 7 Only To Sell Them All For A House Deposit

So, money might not be able to buy you love, but love can certainly get you some money…!!

01st November 2016

12 Of The Funniest YouTube Comments Ever

What would the point of YouTube even be if it weren’t for the comments section?!

01st November 2016

Study Shows Black People Wait Longer For Uber And Lyft Rides

Study finds that Uber and Lyft are quietly discriminating against people based on both their race and gender.

26th October 2016

25 Of The Most Ridiculous Statuses Social Media Has Ever Seen

How do these people even function?!

19th October 2016

20 Of The Funniest Texts From Parents

We’ve been down this road before; parents and texting do not mix. Well, they do, but the results aren’t always what we might consider “normal”…