07th August 2016

See The Young Thieves Of Rio Taking Advantage Of Extra Tourists During The Olympics

They’re as bold and brazen as thieves can get!

03rd August 2016

The 5 Most Difficult Gold Medals To Win At The Olympics

The simple fact is that some Olympic competitions are more difficult than others, but there are other factors to consider too…

03rd August 2016

Carpet Cleaner Suing US Olympic Committee Over The Right To Hashtag Olympics

Are they really going to tell us what we can hashtag and what we can’t?

01st August 2016

Top 10 Predicted Nations At The 2016 Olympics According To Science

The Olympics kicks off this week. Is this where your country will finish on the medal table?

28th July 2016

10 Crazy But True Facts About The Olympic Games

The Olympics begin on August 5 and go through to August 21. Did you know any of these crazy facts about the world’s biggest event?

18th July 2016

Life After Making "That Face" During The 2012 Olympics For McKayla Maroney

You won’t see that famous face back at the Olympics again…

10th July 2016

Bullfighter Killed On Live Television

How bad do we actually feel?

30th June 2016

In The Realm Of Sporting Tantrums, This Is Guy Is Up There With The Best Ever

May we suggest anger management classes….and a hard punch to the face!

24th June 2016

Ben Affleck Drops Too Many F-Bombs During TV Interview

Well! Doesn’t young Benjamin need to wash his mouth out with soap?!
Was he drunk?

17th June 2016

John Cena Stuns The Internet With Fluent Mandarin Speech

Did you know he could do this?

08th June 2016

Great White Shark Pictured Breaching Behind Oblivious Surfer

A little scary, perhaps, but amazing timing!

04th June 2016

Muhammad Ali - "The Greatest Of All Time" - Dies at 74

Muhammad Ali; boxer, preacher, activist, joker, cult figure.

03rd June 2016

Muhammad Ali Dies Aged 74

The end of a legend….

01st June 2016

One-Armed Shark Attack Survivor Tops World's Best Surfer

…And I thought getting out of bed was an accomplishment…

29th May 2016

5 Exercises That Men Should Be Doing Each Day

If you’re going to spend the time working out, you should probably spend your time wisely, right?

28th May 2016

Here's 5 Signs That Your Workout Is Actually Working

If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right!

13th May 2016

Serena Williams Learns The Hard Way That Dog Food Is Not Human Food

Have you ever thought dog food looked tasty? No, of course not; no one has!

11th May 2016

Doctors Warn That Rio Olympics Must Be Moved For Health Reasons

Aren’t the words “full-blown global health disaster” enough?!