08th June 2016

Great White Shark Pictured Breaching Behind Oblivious Surfer

A little scary, perhaps, but amazing timing!

07th June 2016

Taking Selfies To Raise Awareness Of Unseen Illness

There’s no vanity at play here, folks!

03rd May 2016

5 Reasons Selfies Are Actually A Good Thing

And you thought selfies were merely narcissistic expressions of vanity…

27th April 2016

Twitter Allows Proposal Marathon Runners To See Photos Of Their Big Moment

Sometimes Twitter provides trolls and a forum for negative people to do what they do worst…..but sometimes it throws up pleasant surprises, too!

01st July 2015

5 Best Instagram Photo Editing Apps

There are lots of people hopelessly addicted to Instagram. That’s why people also use other apps to edit their photos – you know, just so they look their best.

17th June 2015

5 Pics of the Cute Baby Born Without a Nose

Baby Eli here was born earlier this year and is just like any other healthy baby, only with one significant difference; he was born without a nose. But we still think he is very cute. Don’t you?

12th June 2015

These 6 Photos Of Dogs With Hair Trimmed Into Blocks Will Be The Weirdest Thing You See All Day

It’s no secret that Japan comes up with some pretty out there trends, but this latest one might be taking it a step too far – these poor puppies are going to be traumatically bullied by the other “normal-shaped” dogs at the dog parks and beaches!

12th June 2015

Watch Footage From A GoPro That Was Strapped To A Mumbai Stray Dog’s Collar For A Day

World For All Animal Care & Adoptions, a Mumbai-based animal welfare organization, has released a very confronting video online illustrating the perils a stray dog in Mumbai is faced with every single day and while it’s not easy to watch, the message is important.

11th June 2015

5 Major Brazilian Cities (That Aren’t Rio)

When you think of Brazil, what comes to mind? Soccer, beach bodies, and anything in Rio de Janiero, right? Well, as beautiful and vibrant as Rio may be, there must be some other cities worth visiting Brazil for…

05th May 2015

Man Asked Internet To Photoshop Eiffel Tower Under His Finger, Got These 11 Hilarious Images In Response

When a tourist found that he couldn’t quite nail that annoying “look everyone, the tip of my finger is touching the top of this tourist attraction!” photo that travelers love to do so much, he asked the Internet for help – and didn’t get the help he was looking for.

04th May 2015

15 Close-ups of Everyday Things That Make Them Look Like They’re On Another Planet

All of the objects on this list are everyday things which you are almost surely used to seeing regularly. But you probably haven’t looked at them this closely. The shots are by artist Pyanek as part of an exhibition called “Amazing Worlds Within Our World”.

04th May 2015

9 Examples of the Effects Smoking Can Have On Twins

We all know now that smoking is bad for us but sometimes it is hard to judge the way it affects our appearance, simply because everyone has different genetics with different variables. But what about if we had a look at identical twins and noted the differences? Let’s play a little game shall we? You have to pick which one is the smoker or which has been smoking for the longest before reading.

03rd May 2015

15 Horrific Images of China’s Pollution Problem

It is the country with the planet’s largest population. It is also perhaps the most polluted nation on Earth. These fifteen pictures are result of how not to treat the environment.

08th April 2015

12 Awesome Rare Photos From History

We can hear stories of how different the world once was and be amazed. But for some of that long history, we have photos to go with it. These are some pretty rare images that offer further insight into days gone by.

24th March 2015

13 Creepy Images That Are Totally Authentic

You can watch a scary movie and be creeped out. You can even see one of those weird pictures where it appears there could possibly be a ghost in the background. But the human mind sees what it wants to see and your imagination is stronger than you could ever…..well, imagine. These images however, require very little imagination, and yet they are creepier than most.

18th March 2015

7 Terrifying Images of Serial Killer Taken Moments Before Her Killing Spree

Self-confessed serial killer Joanna Dehenny took a few selfies, joked around with a convenience store clerk, and then attempted to murder two men who were out walking their dogs, just because she felt like it.

09th March 2015

15 Amazing Pictures Taken from a Drone

Drones are typically capable of getting places we might not be able to. Or at least, they can get there a little easier. And some of the photographs they take are breathtaking. Here are fifteen examples from around the globe.

01st March 2015

These 10 Countries Photoshopped a Plus-size Woman in Drastically Different Ways

A ‘plus-sized’ magazine editor sent her picture to other magazine editors all over the world and asked them to “make her beautiful”. They had total freedom to use Photoshop on her image. The different angle these 10 countries took towards her picture is interesting, and the results will surprise you.

25th February 2015

First Ever Space Selfie Goes On Sale

The second man to walk the surface of the Moon, Buzz Aldrin did have one first; he was the first man to take a selfie in space. Now that picture is going on sale along with many other vintage space photos.

23rd February 2015

15 Images That Are Sure To Make You Look Twice

Sometimes one glance isn’t enough, as evidenced in these fifteen photos. They might seem a random collection with little in common however, they will all make you look twice in an effort to figure out exactly what is happening.