19th July 2016

There's Going To Be Tinder Movie; "Worst Tinder Date Ever"

We’d love to make some pun about the film being a match with audiences but…well, you know…

19th July 2016

5 Of Kristen Wiig's Very Best Moments

In the time between SNL and Ghostbusters, these are Kristen Wiig’s best onscreen roles…

19th July 2016

Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones Exposes The Racist Trolls Taunting Her

If you’re on this list, all it means is that you’re an immature idiot – that’s all.

16th July 2016

See Why Tara Reid Stormed Out Of A Jenny McCarthy Interview

Why do we get the feeling Tara Reid Isn’t exactly proud of everything she does?

04th July 2016

Baywatch Star Decided To Get Breast Implants To Keep Up With Pamela Anderson

Man, she must have felt pressure to go to these lengths!

04th July 2016

The 10 Best Movies Of 2016 So Far

The first half of 2016 definitely has something for everyone. There’s even a farting corpse!

03rd July 2016

Why Did Rebel Wilson Purposely Put On Weight To Further Her Career?

Here’s one person who never succumbed to Hollywood pressure to be thin…

02nd July 2016

7 Worst Disaster Movies That Aren't Sharknado

You can interpret the word “disaster” in more ways than one…

30th June 2016

Tarzan's Margot Robbie Has A Bit Of A Weird Living Situation

Wait? Does she really live like this because it reminds her of the house she grew up in?!

29th June 2016

Leslie Jones Reckons No Designers Wanted To Dress Her For Ghostbusters Premiere

The critics haven’t been subtle about the trailers, but surely the film’s not that bad, is it? There must be a different reason…

29th June 2016

5 Hollywood Actors That Directors Refuse To Work With Ever Again

Some actors have a bad day like the rest of us, while some are just plain old A-holes!

29th June 2016

Critics Call For Leonardo DiCaprio Not To "Whitewash" History In Upcoming Movie

Again Leo finds himself at the center of a “whitewashing” outrage…

28th June 2016

Why People Are Saying New Disney Film "Moana" Is Racist

Is this racist or not? You tell me.

23rd June 2016

5 Body Hacks To Turn You In To A Superhero

We’re not saying you should try this at home. But if you do, please video it for us.

22nd June 2016

Will Smith Says Sorry For A Film He Knows Was Awful

Tell us something we don’t know, man!

19th June 2016

5 Celebs Who Really Don't Like Being Famous

When the privacy settings on your Facebook just can’t be tweaked enough…

19th June 2016

7 Of The Most Anticipated Films In The Second Half Of 2016

The year’s only half over. There’s still heaps of great excuses to eat popcorn in the dark to come…

14th June 2016

Patrick Swayze's Wife Fights Off Domestic Violence Accusations

They were married for more than three decades before he died. Could the rumors be true?!

10th June 2016

What's The Deal With Billy Ray's Ridiculous Hairdo?

…But I can’t look away! Make it stop!