29th May 2015

5 Reasons You Should Have a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are not just for the Hollywood stars who want to get in shape for an upcoming role. You can probably find one in your neighbourhood who is a little bit cheaper too. There is also more than one reason why finding one is a good thing.

10th May 2015

Guy Hula Hoops With Giant Tyre

Check out the video of this talented guy! He can hula hoop with a giant tyre that should probably be on a tractor.

09th May 2015

The Rock’s Insane Diet Proves Too Much For Regular Dude

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently shared his Herculean eating habits with the world and most of us were astounded. There was one mortal amongst us who chose to replicate it which proved a little too much.

06th May 2015

Get the Body of a God - The Secret to Lazar's Abs

It’s no secret that Lazar has some of the best Abs in the entire world. We’ve had the opportunity to talk to him about his fitness regime and how the man lives his life.

25th April 2015

Jake Gyllenhaal’s 5-Step Guide For Going From Skinny To Ripped In Just 6 Months

Well, you certainly can’t stick to Jake Gyllenhaal’s workout and boxing training program while still maintaining a full time job but if you’ve got enough free time to pull this off, here’s how the famous actor went from his skinny “Nightcrawler” physique to a ripped professional boxer for “Southpaw” in just six short months.

08th April 2015

6 Reasons To Make Yourself Go To The Gym

It might not sound appealing, I know, but just do it! Here are six very convincing reasons why a few months down the line you’ll be so grateful you started going to the gym a couple times a week.

25th March 2015

Gym Pet Peeves

If you got to the gym regularly then I will bet that you will be familiar with some of these issues this guy points out. Then again, you could be a source of the pet peeves and not even realise. You’d better watch to make sure…

24th February 2015

10 Reasons Women Shouldn’t Take Steroids

Candice Armstrong was a slender young blonde girl before she started taking steroids, but these 10 images reveal what the drug has done to her body.

17th February 2015

Meet the Russian ‘Muscle Barbie’

Julia Vins is a pretty 18-year old Russian with the delicate features of porcelain doll. Well, that is from the neck up of course. From the neck down…well, that’s a different story….

12th February 2015

5 Myths We All Believe About Our Bodies

The human body is perhaps the most complex living thing to have ever existed. On one hand, it makes sense that we don’t know everything there is to know. On the other, why do we perpetuate things that simply aren’t true in an effort to understand it?

27th January 2015

7 Selfies of the Most Muscular Young Girl You’ll Ever See!

Meet 17-year-old Russian professional power-lifter, Yulia Viktorovna Vins. You better be nice to her…

19th January 2015

15 Reasons Not to Skip Leg Day

Take it from these guys: don’t skip leg day, bro.

05th January 2015

18 of the Laziest Gym Members You’ve Ever Seen

Here are 18 people that will make you feel a little less guilty about your bad gym habits… unless one of these 18 people is you.

24th November 2014

31 Gym Fails That Will Fill You With Hate

Ever wonder what on Earth people are doing while you’re at the gym? Or perhaps these pictures more closely represent the last time you tried to figure things out yourself!

20th November 2014

20 Actors Who Went to Crazy Extremes For Their Roles

This list focuses on the actor, and specifically those actors which go the extra mile to make their character(s) more believable. Most of the 20 actors listed here are familiar names you’ll recognize immediately.

04th November 2014

9 Different Body Types Women Have

Some would argue there are about 500 female body types, but here are the 9 standard ones most women slip into, and hopefully you’re somewhere in the middle!

03rd July 2014

32 Gym Confessions That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Gag

Whether you love or loath the gym, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to these gym related confessions.

23rd February 2014

103 Reasons Why You Just Can’t Go To The Gym Today

Everyone knows they should go to the gym – except all that’s running through your head is “I swear, I would go if it weren’t for this.”