31st August 2014

Evolution Of Disney Characters

Over the years, characters can evolve and be reimagined. Disney is no exception – Mickey Mouse alone was created many decades ago, and has gone through a number of recreations.

29th August 2014

10 Hilarious Disney Puns

Disney has been important part of a LOT of people’s lives. So take a walk down memory lane and remember your old favourite Disney movies whilst having a laugh at these pics.

12th August 2014

21 Jokes Only Pokémon Trainers Will Understand

Have a crack up at some of these jokes and memes specifically directed towards fans of everyone’s favourite pocket monsters, Pokémon.

04th August 2014

Someone Turned Star Wars Into An 80's High School Love Story.

Star Wars was possibly the greatest movie series in the history of cinema. However, with success comes parody and, thousands of parodies later, it’s getting harder and harder to find a new perspective on the movies. Enter Deviantart user DenisM79. He wanted to try his hand at flipping the classic story on its head and ummmmmm… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

31st July 2014

22 More Disney Movie Easter Eggs You May Have Never Noticed

You’ll never miss these magical hidden gems again, next time you rewatch these classics.

30th July 2014

32 Geeky and Hilarious Restaurant Offers Done in Chalk

Getting discounts for food has never been this fun: A restuarant called Not A Burger Stand used some chalks and a board to post their special discount or “Eat Free” offers featuring illustrations of popular characters like Scooby Doo, Darth Vader, Littlefinger, and Mario. Most of the offers require the customers to order in the voice of the character featured for that week. Check them out, and let us know which you like best.

30th July 2014

21 Disney Recipes You Can Make At Home

It’s time to cure that rumbly in your tumbly. Check out some of the most delicious Disney related treats you’ll ever taste.

29th July 2014

If Disney Characters Met On Tinder

Ever wondered if the strange way your favourite disney characters would seem really weird in modern days?

29th July 2014

11 Incredible Disney Tattoos

Check out these incredible Disney related designs that movie lovers have gotten tattooed on themselves.

29th July 2014

15 Things You Didn't Know About Toy Story

“You Are A Toy” was said to be the original name for the movie. That would not have been nice, these are more than toys. They have hopes, and dreams, and stuff! This and many more fun facts about your favourite Toy movies.

28th July 2014

26 Meat Sculptures That Will Excite Your Inner Geek

Seattle’s Uwajimaya is a grocery store that makes sculptures out of meat, and they’re amazing.

28th July 2014

20 Of The Best Things That Happened at Comic-Con 2014

There are conventions, and then there’s Comic-Con. Some 125,000 people descended upon San Diego last week for what is officially billed as an event “celebrating the popular arts,” but what is really the flash creation of a small City of the Geeks. Attendees lapped up exclusive previews of huge upcoming films, first looks at new and returning TV shows, demonstrations of the latest in gaming and virtual reality technology, opportunities to meet artists and stars and much more.

28th July 2014

53 Unbelievably Hot Cosplayers

One of the coolest things about Comic Conventions is the Cosplayers. And with San Diego Comic Con happening at the moment, what better time to take a look at some of the best Cosplayers we’ve seen.

27th July 2014

10 Disney Characters On The Cover Of Vogue

Disney princesses are pretty much a girl’s first exposure to glamour, so why not go one step further and have them grave the cover of one of the world’s most glamorous magazines?

27th July 2014

Keep Calm And Let It Go Disney (10 PICS)

Frozen was Disney’s biggest hit of the last few years and was a return to showing strong female characters. Here are some Frozen related memes to brighten your day.

27th July 2014

What is Hidden in Every Disney Movie?

The combination A113 has turned up in a bunch of Disney movies, and some enthusiasts have picked up on the pattern. All of these films have the code somewhere within.

25th July 2014

Top 30 Disney Heroines Of All Time

We all grew up on the magic of Disney movies, so here are the top 30 Disney heroines of all time.

25th July 2014

Top 30 Disney Heroes Of All Time

We all grew up on the magic of Disney movies, so here are the top 30 Disney heroes of all time.

20th July 2014

18 Incredible Tattoos Of Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters

Prepare to be blown away. Zane Donnellan is the king of popular culture tattoos. From Simpsons to Harry Potter and Argh Real Monsters! All your favourites are here.

18th July 2014

21 Pokémon Being Publicly Shamed By Their Trainers

#PokéShaming is a thing that is happening on Tumblr and it’s just as wonderful as you’d expect.