28th December 2014

12 Simple Steps to Making Moss Graffiti

How to make moss graffiti, the cool new kind of graffiti that’s bringing new meaning to the terms “watching paint dry” and “watching grass grow”.

22nd December 2014

15 of the Best Edible Sculptures

Have you ever heard someone say that something looks so good they could eat it even though it wasn’t something edible? Well, these are similar only you can actually consume them. Yum! The skill involved in these is astounding.

18th December 2014

15 Simple But Effective Optical Illusions

You can probably try most of these at home if your iPhone is broken or at least you can try the elevator one in the apartment building if you find yourself locked out. They are relatively simple optical illusions that you don’t need to be David Copperfield or David Blaine to master. Hell, I doubt your name even needs to be David at all.

10th December 2014

Japanese Artist Arrested for Building Vagina-shaped Kayak

The title pretty much sums it up…

12th November 2014

Vintage Disney Posters That Will Transport You Back To Your Childhood.

Pretty much everyone can pinpoint the moment in their childhood when they first fell in love with the adorable world of animated Disney movies. Even as adults, we will always remember to the VHS tapes we wore out, the princesses we idolized, and the catchy soundtracks that will forever pop in our heads from time to time. Because unlike Tink’s fairy dust, Disney magic never wears off.

These incredible posters will bring you right back to being a kid again.

12th November 2014

Tattoos That Look Like Watercolors And Are Incredibly Beautiful

Sasha Unisex, a St. Petersburg-based tattoo artist, has a truly unique style. Her brightly-colored pieces look like watercolors and depict images of animals and flowers with abstracted, geometrical forms. The subtle color gradation and lack of sharp outlines makes them look like watercolors, and there’s good reason: before tattooing a client, Unisex creates the image as a watercolor painting, and then uses that painting as a guide for the tattoo. Amazingly, they look just as vibrant on the skin as they do on paper, and the designs are charming and sweet.

03rd November 2014

15 Awesomely Creative Fish Tanks

Sometimes you find some pretty crazy-looking fish inside fish tanks. Whether they be from the Amazon or some freaky-looking thing from tropical ocean waters, there are some weird and wonderful designs of fish that nature has thrown up. The human element are the tanks in which they are housed. Check out some of these creative designs.

28th October 2014

15 of the World’s Weird and Wonderful Pieces of Architecture

My house has a typical amount of walls, an ordinary roof and a regular colour scheme. So do most of the buildings in my whole city in fact. This list is an example of a few architects who were inspired to do something a little different.

25th October 2014

21 Examples of Awesome Garage Door Artwork

Looking to liven up your house a little? Why not paint your plain, boring garage door with one of these awesome designs to get people passing by doing doubletakes?

22nd October 2014

15-Year-Old's Stop-Motion Animation Recreates Famous Movie Scenes With LEGOs

15-year-old aspiring filmmaker Morgan Spence spent 3 weeks putting together a stop-motion animation for the book trailer of LEGO masterbuilder Warren Elsmore’s Brick Flicks. Working together with the artist’s wonderful LEGO figurines, Spence was able to recreate popular movie scenes that includes a wide range of genres, from the titular singing/dancing number from Singing in the Rain to the heart-pumping ax scene from The Shining.

20th October 2014

Artist Takes A Different Drug And Paints A Self Portrait Every Day For A Month

Artists have a reputation for being pretty free-spirited when it comes to illegal substances and exploring “other realms of consciousness”… Bryan Lewis Saunders is no exception to the stereotype, devising a little experiment where he would paint a self-portrait every day for a month while under the influence of a different kind of substance each time. Some of his pieces are majestic, others are terrifying, and some are just straight-up scribbles…

06th October 2014

25 Pieces of Cool Artwork Using Everyday Objects

Not much of an artist but good at doodling in your notebook? Forget to get your partner a card for Valentine’s Day and need to whip up something cute real fast? Take a look at these fantastic and creative little sketches incorporating household objects by artist Javier Perez that he’s always posting on his Instagram.

02nd October 2014

40 Detailed Pumpkin Carvings

These pumpkin carvings are way better than when I usually can pull off. Time to get practicing!

01st October 2014

12 New Imaginings Using Common Items

Canberra, Australia-based artist Domenic Bahmann turns everyday objects like toothpaste, clothespins, and fruits intro clever pieces of conceptual art, showing us that with a little imagination, noodles can look a lot like a tidal wave.

30th September 2014

30 Captivating Ceilings That Will Take Your Breath Away

Most people have pretty boring white ceilings. These ceilings from all over the world are the exact opposite of boring.

29th September 2014

26 Creative People Who Have The Right Attitude About Life

Optimists? Opportunists? Or just geniuses? You decide.

24th September 2014

21 Creative Proposal Ideas

Looking for a creative way to propose to your girlfriend? Did she send you this link as a gigantic hint? Or maybe you’re a girl who’s just had a bad day and now you’re halfway through a tub of ice cream watching Bridget Jones’s Diary and looking up marriage proposals… in any case, here’s a mixture of the most romantic, expensive, bizarre and outlandish marriage proposals the Internet has on offer.

21st September 2014

21 Pictures Of The Best Camouflage Body Paint You've Ever (Not) Seen

Is this a close-up of a slightly fat and dangerous-looking frog on a leaf? Or is it three women lying down next to each other in the shape of a frog? Here are 21 examples of the best body paint camouflage you’ll ever see, and a great way to hide from people in plain sight… provided you’ve got about nine hours to prepare!

17th September 2014

30 Pieces Of Cast Art That Almost Make A Broken Bone Worth It

Who said having a cast has to be boring? Check out these cool cats that have made the best of a bad situation and used art to improve the situation.

15th September 2014

Incredible Barber Trims Works of Art On To People's Heads

If you’re ever passing through San Antonio and fancy a bit of a haircut, make sure you find yourself sitting in a barber chair at Rob the Original Barbershop with Rob Ferrel himself brandishing the scissors. It’ll be a haircut like none you’ve ever had before.

Nearly ten years ago, a kid came in and asked Rob if he could trim a little swirl into his hair. That paved the way for Rob to start challenging himself with more intricate designs like symbols and logos. Now, he can trim amazingly accurate celebrity portraits into people’s hair. Not only that, all he needs is to bring up the image on his phone and work freehand off that.

He doesn’t even need special equipment – just your typical barbershop utensils, plus coloured eyeliner for (you guessed it) adding colours at the end. Here’s some of his ‘exhibits’. It’s a shame they’re so temporary! I wonder what they look like two weeks later though….