05th November 2014

15 Toys You Shouldn’t Buy Your Kids for Christmas

Apart from the staple stocking fillers, there are exceedingly more options and more opportunity to waste money on gifts your children won’t use. The following is a list of slightly different gifts in that, whilst your kids may actually use them; that could be the scariest part. These gifts are somewhat inappropriate for most children, according to sane parents.

05th November 2014

13 Of The Most Fascinating Creations Made With Lego

Lego is one of the most famous toys in the world, thanks to its ability to drive creativity and spark the imagination of children and adults, worldwide. They can be used to build almost anything, although the vast majority of people will keep their creations relatively simple or even use the provided instructions to construct something that was designed by the Lego Company themselves.

04th November 2014

Top 10 Biggest Video Game Budgets Of All Time

The following entries are the video games that have had the biggest budgets, ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars.

02nd November 2014

Aaron Paul’s Twitter campaign to reinstate “Breaking Bad” action figures at Toys R Us

It appears that Breaking Bad actor, Aaron Paul is not happy with the fact that a Florida mother has been able to have the popular television show’s action figures removed from Toys ‘R’ Us successfully by getting others to sign a petition.

02nd November 2014

25 Times When You Start To Rethink Your Choice Of Halloween Costume

At first these people thought the Halloween costume they decided on was perfect. But at some point during the night, they realized that they may have made a poor choice.

30th October 2014

What exactly is Comic Con?

The quite simple answer to that question is, it is a place where people who love comic books go to meet other people who love comic books. They swap, buy and play “I’ll show you mine of you show me yours”. Kind of like a swinger’s party only with less extroverts and sex. At least that’s how it was originally conceived.

27th October 2014

10 Richest Celebrity Nerds

Being a nerd used to be a real struggle for many people. The stereotypes about nerds were always the same: they’re socially awkward, weird, and don’t have many friends. Pretty much, if you played Dungeons & Dragons or were a Star Trek or Star Wars fan, you were a social outcast all throughout high school. In the last 10 years, however, the ‘nerd’ trope has taken on a whole new significance, and one that juxtaposes entirely with the original sense of the word. Put simply, nerds are cool now.

26th October 2014

10 Top Gaming Apps of 2014

Got a long commute to work everyday? Is the workplace itself boring and unsupervised? Ate something questionable at dinner and now you’re going to be sitting on the toilet for the foreseeable future? Here are the most talked about and positively reviewed gaming apps of 2014 to help you get through these tough times.

25th October 2014

25 Toys more Inappropriate than the Breaking Bad Figurines

Over a year after the award-winning series ended, it seems Breaking Bad still can’t stay out of the news. Figurines of the meth manufacturing, murderous lead characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have been pulled off shelves in toy stores following a huge dispute regarding how inappropriate they are for kids to be playing with – which they are, no doubt! But so are these…

14th October 2014

Top 10 Gaming Apps Of 2014

Got a long commute to work everyday? Is the workplace itself boring and unsupervised? Ate something questionable at dinner and now you’re going to be sitting on the toilet for the foreseeable future? Here are the most talked about and positively reviewed gaming apps of 2014 to help you get through these tough times.

14th October 2014

30 Creative Couples Costumes That Will Impress Everyone This Halloween

When it comes to these creations, two really is better than one.

10th October 2014

Exams in the Form of Video Games

Are you one of the many students for whom the idea of sitting an exam makes you tremble with fear? Or maybe you fit in to the category of those who simply freeze your brain shut with indifference at the idea of sitting down to tackle a test with a pencil and paper.

08th October 2014

The World's Most Popular Gaming App

Find out how game developers ‘Machine Zone’ have managed to create a free gaming app that removes all language barriers and allows you to be part of the biggest worldwide gaming phenomenon in the world. This app is getting everyone hooked, from your suit-wearing corporate boss to your Georgie Shore-loving pet groomer!

06th August 2014

17 Best Games For Non-Gamers

Which video games are best to start out with if you’re not a traditional gamer? Unless you’ve been obsessively mastering the art of dodging killer mushrooms and collecting healing potions since pre-verbal childhood, leaping face-first into the world of gaming can be an intimidating and confusing experience. If you’re a new or inexperienced gamer looking for video games for beginners, it can help to get a breakdown of playable titles that will help you ease in.

04th August 2014

Players vs. Gamers

There are true players and then there are wanna be players, otherwise known as fakers or lames. Flashing some change is the lamest, most desperate move in the book. Go hang out with the gamers you fake playa!

30th July 2014

32 Geeky and Hilarious Restaurant Offers Done in Chalk

Getting discounts for food has never been this fun: A restuarant called Not A Burger Stand used some chalks and a board to post their special discount or “Eat Free” offers featuring illustrations of popular characters like Scooby Doo, Darth Vader, Littlefinger, and Mario. Most of the offers require the customers to order in the voice of the character featured for that week. Check them out, and let us know which you like best.

28th July 2014

20 Toys Every '90s Kid Just Had To Have

If you were a kid of the ’90s I know what you wanted as gifts. Here’s why: we all wanted the same things. I’m sure there’s a study to be done on ’90s commercials and the hypnotic power of Nickelodeon, but really, it just felt like everything that existed back then was awesome and absolutely necessary. What they were selling, I was begging my parents to buy, if you know what I mean.

28th July 2014

20 Of The Best Things That Happened at Comic-Con 2014

There are conventions, and then there’s Comic-Con. Some 125,000 people descended upon San Diego last week for what is officially billed as an event “celebrating the popular arts,” but what is really the flash creation of a small City of the Geeks. Attendees lapped up exclusive previews of huge upcoming films, first looks at new and returning TV shows, demonstrations of the latest in gaming and virtual reality technology, opportunities to meet artists and stars and much more.

28th July 2014

53 Unbelievably Hot Cosplayers

One of the coolest things about Comic Conventions is the Cosplayers. And with San Diego Comic Con happening at the moment, what better time to take a look at some of the best Cosplayers we’ve seen.

18th July 2014

30 Rad Tattoos Inspired By Nintendo

Everybody has their favourite Nintendo game from over the years, but these people have taken their love for Nintendo to the next level and branded their own flesh with it’s mark.