29th November 2014

10 Stunning Yachts to Charter For Your Next Vacation

On a cruise ship, your course is already charted out for you, removing the spontaneity that brings a “good” vacation to the next level. Private yachts are also smaller than cruise ships, allowing for far more privacy for you and your family, as well as giving you access to far more ports to explore.

26th November 2014

15 Of The Most Sensational Celeb Homes

Perfect A-list choice properties include pools, tennis courts, gardens, amazing views, theatres, and even a landing strip for their planes. Everyone needs a safe-haven to call home, and fortunately for celebrities, they have unlimited access and ability to create spectacular spaces. Some of their homes may seem more like a 5-star resort or a tranquil retreat.

Below are 15 sensational and notable celebrity homes that are bound to make you envious.

20th November 2014

11 Vegas Menu Items That Will Break The Bank

Las Vegas is not only upfront about their extravagant, expensive offerings at hotels and restaurants; they flaunt their posh and pricey selections. If you don’t contribute to their coffers on the casino floors, you can spend a bundle on exotic foods at hot spots around town to add memorable moments to your stay. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas…but that doesn’t apply to your money.

19th November 2014

10 Most Expensive Houses on the Planet

Here are the world’s most expensive houses and the people who are lucky enough to own them. Feel like getting jealous and hating your life?

11th November 2014

12 Mysterious Billionaire Murders: Relations, Guns, Drugs and Revenge

They can have anything they want. Sometimes that is a good thing, but sometimes that is a bad thing. Sometimes it’s drugs. Sometimes it’s sex. Often, it’s both. And sometimes somebody wants to get even with the rich and powerful. Or maybe they just want the money. These fatal fortune billionaires were either rumored to be, or convicted killers, or victims themselves. All the money in the world (and the lawyers it can buy) probably saved some of them, but for some, their billions just weren’t enough.

09th November 2014

Celebrities With The Most Expensive Watches

From clothing to accessories, celebrities are pretty fond of setting up their own trend and style. Among the fashion accessories, the expensive and luxury watches are quite popular among the celebrities. The funny thing being, these luxury watches can cost more than their cars…

09th November 2014

24 Crazy Cocktails Made With The Most Extravagant Ingredients Money Can Buy

Forget about top shelf. When it comes to creativity, class, and caliber of liquor, these cocktails are top floor.

05th November 2014

15 Most Truly Priceless Treasures in the World

Much of human history is riddled with tales of adventure, exploration and conquest, all in the name of glittering treasure. Yet, what are these riches for which humanity has risked life and limb? What makes their discoveries the stuff of legend and their acquisitions the stuff of fantasy? It’s an exclusive combination of rarity, financial value, historical context and artistic triumph that gives any artifact treasured status.

04th November 2014

16 Of The Richest Twilight Cast Members Ranked

Some stars of Twilight were lucky enough to have established careers before the films, and those who broke out due to Twilight made a lot of smart choices when taking on other projects. This has resulted in a long list of wealthy cast members – even some of the peripheral characters in the series are big earners.

31st October 2014

Top 12 Most Luxurious Hotel Chains Around The World

While boutique hotels are hot, there’s something to be said about chain hotels. You pretty much always know what you are going to get and there (hopefully), won’t be any surprises. There’s a safety in it. And if you have very expensive, luxurious taste, it’s safe to say any of these twelve luxury hotel chains will suit any of your needs and of course, your wants too. When you need to know you will get a good night’s sleep and be pampered in a beautiful room, if you stay at any of the hotels on this list, your’re likely to get that and a whole lot more.

23rd October 2014

15 of the Most Awesome Hotels in the World

When travelling abroad, depending on your expected expenses, you could choose to stay anywhere from a hostel to an opulent hotel. But if it is an experience that you’re after, why not try something a little different…. This is a list of some of the world’s coolest hotels.

21st October 2014

Rich Kids of Tehran Instagram Account

It seem the unhealthy obsession with being filthy rich is not just limited to the Western world. Gaining inspiration from the “Rich Kids of Instagram” account which showcases the lavish lives of twenty-something children of wealthy parents who appear to have more cash than sense, the “Rich Kids of Tehran” offers an insight in to the world of wealthy Iranian families, and what the children in these families spend their parents money on. This version is wall to wall with images of luxury cars, fashion, watches, pools and jewellery.

20th October 2014

$108 Million New York Apartment For Sale

Wanna see what $108 million gets you? Here’s a few pictures Macklowe Properties has recently uploaded onto their real estate website for an apartment in the soon-to-be-completed 432 Park Avenue. These pictures are sure to get the fat cats reaching for their chequebook… or the rest of us applying for a third, fourth, and fifth mortgage.

20th October 2014

Penis Spraypainted On A $3 Million Bugatti Turns Out To Be A Hoax

Car lovers everywhere are slouching back in their seats and trying to get their heart rate back to normal as it turns out the viral photo of a penis spray-painted on a $3 million Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport was just a promo stunt that got out of hand!

03rd October 2014

16 Amazing Swimming Pools

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned dip in the pool? It can be one of the most relaxing, comforting things you can do. (Wearing swimwear and soaking up the sun ain’t bad either.) Now, these holes filled with water that were previously used as a cooling form of exercise are becoming beautiful works of art. Some engineers and architects have put together some of the most visually stunning and beautiful pool on the face of the Earth.

02nd October 2014

24 Dwellings Perched Incredibly Precariously

There’s living life on the edge, and then there’s THIS. These houses are just plain right terrifying. I think they’d have to pay ME to risk staying there.

30th September 2014

30 Captivating Ceilings That Will Take Your Breath Away

Most people have pretty boring white ceilings. These ceilings from all over the world are the exact opposite of boring.

29th September 2014

15 People Who Became Successful After Being Homeless

Bill Hicks once said that all you need to become homeless is the right girl, the right bar and the wrong friends. Those in this list were, in some form or other, homeless for a time but then went on to be very successful.

21st September 2014

36 Watches You Can't Stop Watching!

Since Apple has announced their new “Apple Watch” available next year, here are some of the most ridiculous and out-there watches you’ve ever seen. They say girls pay attention to a man’s shoes and his wristwatch – the quality of your clothes is secondary. These watches will turn heads from twenty metres away and make your wrist a conversation piece! Oh, and they tell the time.

16th September 2014

36 Incredible Basement "Caves" I Wish I Could Escape To

Man caves, lady caves, and just great spaces to hide your embarrassing collection.