27th January 2017

5 Types Of Toxic People You Don't Need In Your Life

There are many reasons we keep people in our lives who really have no right to be there. If it’s happiness you’re looking forward to, time to take stock, be honest and do a bit of a spring clean….!!

27th January 2017

5 Foods To Avoid When You're Sick

You really will want to avoid these 5 foods when you’re not feeling well as they can really make you feel a lot worse…

24th January 2017

20 Great Excuses For When You Really Want To Leave Work Early

Let’s be honest, out of all the days you go to work over the course of the year, it’s (probably) mathematically impossible to give your all on each and every day. So, if today isn’t an “on” day, you’re going to need a reasonable excuse to be allowed to go home early…

23rd January 2017

12 Reasons You're Still Single Or Not In A Committed Relationship

If everyone you know seems to have paired off and yet, you’re still trying to find someone to do the same with, there might be a few (exactly 12) reasons why…

22nd January 2017

25 Inspirational Quotes To Help You Succeed

“I attribute my success to this—I never gave or took any excuse.” —Florence Nightingale

20th January 2017

20 Of The Best Flirty Text Messages To Send Her

There are many different ways to flirt and many different types of flirting. During the art of flirting via text, you need to keep it subtle, but you can afford to a be a bit corny for humorous purposes. Here’s 20 of the best ones to use to put a smile on her face….

20th January 2017

20 Of The Greatest Quotes Containing The Word "Greatest"

“The greatest gift of life is…”

18th January 2017

25 Most Commons Regrets People Have In Life

Life happens while you’re making plans you might never follow through. Or, perhaps it’s an opportunity to truly live…

18th January 2017

25 Pop-Culture Quotes To Edge Up Your Wisdom Factor

…And they said television would make you stupid!!

18th January 2017

25 Things That Are More Serious Than We Often Treat Them

Let’s start with matters of health….and then throw in some other fun stuff like the environment…

18th January 2017

25 Of The Biggest Mistakes You Could Make During A Job Interview

It’s amazing how many people will commit these crimes against employment without even realizing that they’re doing anything wrong…

15th January 2017

5 Ways To Get Fit Without A Gym Membership

If it saves both money and time then count me in!

12th January 2017

Japanese Researchers Warn That Peace Sign Can Lead To Identity Theft

Technology is responsible for many positive changes in the world, however, there are a few on the flip-side of that coin that are far more sinister. This is one of them…

12th January 2017

5 Great Ways To Work Smarter Rather Than Harder

Many people have a work ethic that means they work as hard as possible for as much time as possible in order to achieve success. While that’s great and all, wouldn’t it be better if you could find a way to trim the fat and streamline everything to allow you to broaden your horizons…??

12th January 2017

5 Ways To Make 2017 The Year You Start Getting Rich

Every journey starts with a few first steps. Here’s 5 crucial ones to begin…

11th January 2017

20 Different Things You Can Do With A Drone

They’re here to stay and they’re only getting cheaper and cheaper. It’s about time you get on before you get left behind…

11th January 2017

20 Quotes From Children's Books That Every Adult Should Remember

Many of life’s greatest lessons are taught in childhood, but just because we grow up doesn’t mean we don’t still have something to learn. Perhaps if we look back at what they told us as children, it will help us remember what life is about…

10th January 2017

25 Relationship Hacks To Make Yours Run More Smoothly

The dating game is rarely one which runs smoothly all of the time, so why not employ just one or two sure fire tricks along the way to make sure there’s as few bumps in the road as possible….??

10th January 2017

25 Best Muscle Building Foods

Even if you don’t want to be one of those dudes who needs to walk sideways through a door, most of us want to build a bit of extra muscle. However, that takes time and commitment and can be difficult. The good news, however, is that diet plays a huge role in both weight loss and muscle gain. So you can do most of the work in your kitchen…

09th January 2017

5 Relaxation Techniques To Use To Ensure Quality Sleep

It’s all about flushing out that stress and anxiety so you can get down to the real business at hand: deep sleep!