28th November 2016

This Dog Kissing A Fish Started An Epic Photoshop Battle

It’s a classic case of dog meets fish…

27th November 2016

Dog Who's Obsessed With Her Santa Toy Meets Santa And Is Starstruck

They say that it’s not always good to meet your idols as they may disappoint you. But this is an advertisement for doing it anyway..!

15th November 2016

20 Slightly Sad Facts About Animals

The animal kingdom as an amazing place. We are often inspired or perhaps even frightened by the happening within the animal world. But maybe these 20 facts will make you a little sad too.

06th November 2016

Homewrecker Penguin Fight Over "Cheating Wife" Has The Whole Internet In Shock

You don’t need soap operas and reality television; wildlife documentaries are where the really juicy stuff goes down…!!

06th November 2016

Formerly Abused Dog Is Scared Of Everyone Except Her 11-Month-Old Best Friend

Sometimes, best friends can be from completely different backgrounds…

20th October 2016

20 Of The Most Perfect Photobombs By Animals

Photobomb level: expert.

19th October 2016

25 Little Known Facts About Cats

How much interesting stuff could there possibly be to know about cats?! As it turns out, a whole lot!

12th October 2016

Mark Zuckerberg Under Fire: "Animals Taste Better When You Hunt Them Yourself"

The billionaire streamed a backyard barbecue, and many are not happy about it…

12th October 2016

Owl Recognizes Man Who Saved Her And Keeps Hugging Him

The “birds of prey whisperer”…

19th September 2016

Scottish Tourist Captures Supposed Footage Of The Loch Ness Monster

Yeah, we know this has been going on for years and there’s been a thousand “sightings”. We’ve still got a find a way to explain this away though…

19th September 2016

This Woman Spent $500 To Save The Life Of Her Pet Goldfish

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t value your pet’s life to this extent. We’re just saying that, if it’s a goldfish, we’ve all got bills to pay!

31st August 2016

People Are Horrified At Bear Grylls Crocodile Stabbing

This is NOT cool…

25th August 2016

Wasps Given Colored Paper Build Rainbow Nests

Just because you’re scared of them doesn’t mean they can’t do beautiful things…

25th August 2016

5 Of The World's Strangest Looking Animals That Need Saving

The less glamorous animals are in as much danger as a panda…

21st August 2016

How Dogs Can Tell If You're Untrustworthy

I always had this sneaking suspicion my dog was playing mind games with me. But then I just figured someone spiked my drink with LSD …until now!

21st August 2016

It Was Camels That First Gave Humans The Common Cold

I never trusted these guys right from the start!

16th August 2016

Baby Dolphin Dies From Being Passed Around For Selfies

Sometimes people are idiots. This is one of those times.

11th August 2016

Mother Dolphins "Sing" To Their Babies In The Womb

If you feel a bit weird talking to a baby in the womb, you shouldn’t…

07th August 2016

These Crazy Photos Were Taken In The Woods With A Real Bear

Just casually doing a photo shoot with a bear….