15th February 2017

20 Of The Funniest Ever Google Searches

Ever wondered what happens when you Google “Steven Seagull” by accident? It’s all downhill from there…

15th February 2017

25 Of The Strangest Books Ever Published

So far, without reading it, I can really only think of two, maybe three, things to do with a cat’s lifeless corpse….

14th February 2017

25 Best And Most Ridiculous Ever Questions Asked On Yahoo Answers

If you’re not sure where to go for help with your pressing matters, it’s probably best that you start with Yahoo Answers. If for no other reason than we enjoy laughing at you…

14th February 2017

25 Of The Worst Tattoos They Definitely Regretted

The internet is forever. So are tattoos. These 25 examples are “exreme”-ly “awsome”examples and yet they “regret nohing”…

13th February 2017

25 Of The Stupidest Questions Ever Asked In Class As Shared By Students And Teachers

There are times when people choose to speak and the results are so mindbogglingly dumb that all we can do is laugh. Here are 25 such occasions, as shared by Reddit users…

12th February 2017

12 Of The Funniest Restaurant Signs Found On The Internet

We were too busy laughing to remember if the food was any good or not…

12th February 2017

12 Definite Signs You're Having A Really Bad Day

There are indeed days on which, in hindsight, it would have been preferable to stay in bed. But nobody told us! The only good news is that you’re not alone…

07th February 2017

12 Texts You Get In The Early Hours Of The Morning And What They Really Mean

We all get these from time to time but do we take them for what they really mean…??

07th February 2017

12 Very Poorly Timed But Funny Photos

When all is not as it seems, it sometimes creates a better, more hilarious world…

07th February 2017

12 Of The Laziest People To Ever Walk The Planet

I think it’s fair to say that laziness has infected these people and the situation is critical…

07th February 2017

12 Of The Best Neighborhood Watch Signs Found On The Internet

Have you seen any of these in your ‘hood?

07th February 2017

12 Worst Ways To Flirt On Facebook

Honestly, is there ever a good way to flirt on Facebook? If there is a positive answer, it involves private messaging. These ones don’t…

06th February 2017

25 Weirdest Town Names Ever

We’d really like to know if the people who grew up in these towns suffer from any long-term effects…

06th February 2017

25 Very Funny And Creative Protest Signs

There’s been quite a bit of protesting lately, so what better time to search the internet for some of the more inventive protest signs we’ve seen over recent years…

06th February 2017

25 Most Common Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

When you look back at childhood, the lies went far beyond Santa Claus…

01st February 2017

20 Of The Most Messed Up Tinder Chats On The Internet

It gets much, much weirder! We’d almost prefer an unsolicited pic….

01st February 2017

20 Funny Little First World Problems We're Glad Didn't Happen To Us

…Because sometimes life sucks just a little more than you hoped it would…

30th January 2017

12 Funniest Things Ever Written On US Money

We don’t know why they did it but we’re kind of glad they did…

30th January 2017

12 Kids Who Turned A Photo Shoot In To Pure Hilarity

On one hand, there’s nothing at all wrong with these photos. On the other hand, there’s nothing right with them….

29th January 2017

25 Times Parents Completely Owned Their Kids

Just like sports, business, and picking out clothes, some people do parenting better than others…