23rd October 2014

15 Strange but True Facts about Alcohol

We all know that alcohol does a lot of things. It can make a good man bad and shy man a lady killer. Even with all social and health issues taken in to account, alcohol has been around a long time and does not look to be going anywhere soon. So it is probably in our best interests to learn some more about it.

23rd October 2014

15 of the Weirdest Town Names

We are all familiar with names like New York, London, Paris, even Tokyo, mainly because we hear them so often. Or maybe, it’s because these names are relatively normal when compared to the following list of weird place names.

23rd October 2014

15 of the World’s Weirdest Restaurants

It wasn’t so long ago that nibbling on some sushi was exotic. Do you remember when going to dine at a sushi train was a novelty? Well, it just doesn’t cut it any longer. The cuisine world has to keep shocking and entertaining with more than just the taste of the food itself. Here’s some examples

21st October 2014

Man Sues After Waking Up From Surgery in Pink Underpants

For most guys, their worst nightmare would be realised if they found themselves back in the school yard of a Monday morning, they look down and realise they have fronted for class with no pants on. That would not be cool. Mercifully for a Delaware man, that was not what happened and if he happens to be the glass half full-type, then that is what he can be thankful for. He did however, experience something that seems to have run a close second in terms of embarrassment.

21st October 2014

Is a 15 Metre Crustacean Spotted of the Coast of Britain Proof of “Crabzilla”?

The small seaside town of Whistable in the United Kingdom has had an unusual amount of attention brought to its shores in recent times. Whistable is a town famous for its oyster farming and oysters have been collected in the area since at least Roman times. It may well just about to become famous for something else in its waters as this incredible image could soon have visitors flocking to Whistable in the hope of seeing or even catching Britain’s largest crab.

21st October 2014

Bali Spider Burrows Under Aussie Man's Skin

Many thousands of Australians visit the Indonesian holiday island of Bali each year and some of them occasionally come away with something of a horror story to tell, either as a result of their own stupidity or misfortune.

20th October 2014

Artist Takes A Different Drug And Paints A Self Portrait Every Day For A Month

Artists have a reputation for being pretty free-spirited when it comes to illegal substances and exploring “other realms of consciousness”… Bryan Lewis Saunders is no exception to the stereotype, devising a little experiment where he would paint a self-portrait every day for a month while under the influence of a different kind of substance each time. Some of his pieces are majestic, others are terrifying, and some are just straight-up scribbles…

20th October 2014

Street Fighting Kangaroos

A source of frustration for many Australians is the repeatedly perpetuated myth that Aussies ride kangaroos around like hopping horses. Whilst there is absolutely zero truth to that fable, kangaroos do, on occasion, engage in a bit of aggression exchange to validate the image of the Australian boxing kangaroo.

20th October 2014

Dwarf Stripper Got Bride Pregnant At Her Hen's Night

It’s exactly what it sounds like. No word yet on whether the dwarf stripper’s reaction was happy, grumpy, bashful, dopey, sleepy or sneezy…

19th October 2014

20 Of The Weirdest Superstitions You've Probably Never Heard

Are you one of those people who throw salt over your shoulder before a meal, says ‘bless you’ every time anyone sneezes, and touches wood any time you mention how lucky you’ve been? Can you not stand the thought of shoes on a table, walking under a ladder, or touching the plate with the knife when cutting a birthday cake? Maybe don’t read this list of 20 lesser-known superstitions then…

16th October 2014

15 of the Weirdest and Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Generally, the most terrifying creatures we know of are creatures we see commonly, if not in the flesh, then in pictures and on television. Spiders and snakes are not within your average person’s comfort zone. But what about those creatures of the deep sea? There is some pretty weird stuff going on down in the depths. Let’s have a look at some of them.

16th October 2014

15 of the Most Bizarre Jobs In The World

Are you fed up with a boring office job? Have you studied and worked for years to find that your chosen career just isn’t as fulfilling as you had imagined it would be? Well, how about trying your hand at one of the following and see if, either you find your true calling, or it puts things in to perspective for you and you find that your job isn’t so bad.

16th October 2014

15 of the Most Bizarre Jobs

Are you fed up with a boring office job? Have you studied and worked for years to find that your chosen career just isn’t as fulfilling as you had imagined it would be? Well, how about trying your hand at one of the following and see if, either you find your true calling, or it puts things in to perspective for you and you find that your job isn’t so bad.

14th October 2014

Child Rapist Raped, Stitched By Medics and Re-Raped By 20 Prisoners

A disgusting violation of a prisoner’s rights? Or swift vigilante justice and a good example of karma? How do you feel about a man convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering his own 1-year-old son getting brutally raped twice over by 20 fellow prison inmates?

14th October 2014

26 Of The Cutest Sea Creatures To Ever Swim Their Way Into Your Heart

Move over, mammals. Fish are cute, too! We dare you to stay mad or angry after taking a look at these cute little fellas.

13th October 2014

14 Strange Things You Didn’t Know About Men

Men grow beards. Men grow moustaches. Men are good at burping and watching sports on television. But what else do we know about men? Let’s find out a few facts in relation to men that you were most likely unaware of.

10th October 2014

Drunken Aussie Pig Is Back From The Dead

Another drunk feral pig stumbling around the Australian outback? Or is it the ghost of the one from last year returning to haunt the campsite again on the anniversary? Oh, no it’s just a bunch of writers getting confused about what year it is…

09th October 2014

15 Strange but True Facts about the History of Mankind

They say that history is written by the victors, and that may be true. But sometimes the history lessons we receive at school leave out some of the truly interesting bits. Interesting because of just how strange they are. Here are some things about history that you probably didn’t know.

06th October 2014

25 Psychadelic Mushrooms You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

These aren’t your typical cup mushrooms you’ll find at your local supermarket. Take a gander at these spectacular photographs of various wacky mushroom species with scientific names that sound like wizard spells from Harry Potter. These shots were taken by nature photographers all over the world and submitted to Bored Panda as part of a trending gallery at the moment.

06th October 2014

Girl Has Massive 9lb Hair Ball Removed From Her Stomach

An eighteen year old girl from Kyrgyzstan has recently come very close to death because she likes to eat hair. Ayperi Alekseeva suffered through months of dehydration due to her inability to eat and drink as a result of all the hair eating. It very nearly killed her.