15th November 2016

20 Cheapest Places In The World To Visit As A Backpacker

So many people spend their twenties (and later) going out to see the world with nothing but a backpack and curiosity. Many of them come home not long after because they have no money left. Here are the twenty cheapest places to go to help you stay on the road longer.

15th November 2016

10 Strange Sex Rituals From Around The World

This is not how they do it on the Discovery Channel…

15th November 2016

10 WTF Facts About Japan That Will Surprise You

There are certain things we think of when we think Japan; technology, manga, anime, sumo, samurai, etc. But there is so much more we don’t often hear about. Like these 10 crazy facts, for example. I’m sure you didn’t know all of them…

15th November 2016

Japanese Sexuality: Well Beyond Fetishes

In a society geared towards being clean, polite and well-behaved, letting off steam tends to manifest itself in ways we might find a little odd. But let’s reserve judgment until we’ve seen what some of them get up to….

14th November 2016

White High School Teacher Suspended For Threatening Black Students With "Don't make me call Donald Trump and get you sent back to Africa"

If true, these comments highlight some very sad and infuriating underlying issues currently coming to the surface…

11th November 2016

Newspaper Headlines From Around The World React To Donald Trump's Victory

The reactions around the world covered all of the spectrum. Bet you can’t figure out what those in Latin America were about…

10th November 2016

People Across America Share Racist Tweets Just One Day Following Trump's Election

People from all over the United States have taken to social media to share horror stories of racism and bigotry following Donald Trump’s election win. This is not good, folks…!!

10th November 2016

There's One Scenario That Could Yet See The Clintons Move Back In To The White House

For those hoping that they won’t have to live through a Trump Presidency, believe it or not, there is still a glimmer of hope…

09th November 2016

People Turn To Kanye West In Wake Of Donald Trump Election Win

Many people want him to keep his earlier promise …while others are not so sure!!

09th November 2016

Indian PM Narenda Modi Abolishes Rs 500, Rs 1000 Notes, And What Trump's Victory Means For India

Tackling black money, corruption and terrorism ….but not everybody remained calm about it!

09th November 2016

Why Many Experts Claim Trump's Win Is A "Whitelash" In Reaction To A Black President

“…it was a whitelash against a black president…”

09th November 2016

Celebs Go Crazy Over Donald Trump's Election Result

Hollywood A-listers are freaking out about their new President …but not all of them are upset….

09th November 2016

History Made As Donald Trump Delivers His Victory Speech As The President Elect Of The USA

“I just got a call from Secretary Clinton…”

09th November 2016

Get To Know Your New First Lady: Melania Trump

How much do we really know about America’s newest First Lady..??

08th November 2016

Here’s What The Future Looks Like With Trump The Leader Of The Free World

We all talked about it (The Simpsons even predicted it) but nobody truly thought that the biggest upset in American politics history would eventuate, and yet, here we are. It’s time to get serious. Here’s what the future looks like…

08th November 2016

Canada's Immigration Website Crashes As Trump Victory Looms

You couldn’t make this stuff up…!!!

06th November 2016

Homewrecker Penguin Fight Over "Cheating Wife" Has The Whole Internet In Shock

You don’t need soap operas and reality television; wildlife documentaries are where the really juicy stuff goes down…!!

06th November 2016

New Study Hints At Cannabis Being Able To Enhance Night Vision

It seems we’re learning more and more about the varied effects of cannabis on our bodies, but we didn’t expect this!

06th November 2016

25 Facts About The United States That Might Surprise Foreigners

We know that there are many people around the world who are surprised that America would elect Trump as its President. But if we look beyond The Donald and politics, there are quite a few thing that might surprise people abroad about the USA…

06th November 2016

20 Interesting Things We Didn't Know About Russia

Following the election result and Trump’s apparent mutual admiration with Vladimir Putin, perhaps it’s time we learned a little more about Russia…