11th May 2016

How Old Do You Think This Woman Is?

With all due respect to my gran, she doesn’t look like this!

04th May 2016

10 High Protein Foods For Muscle Building

Not only do we need protein to build muscle, but it is also often the key to staying full for longer and keeping that excess fat off.

29th April 2016

The Mountain From Game Of Thrones Has A Pretty Crazy Diet!

How does he find time to be in the gym when he spends so much time eating?!

29th April 2016

The Twitter War Between The White House And The British Royals

When Michelle Obama throws down a challenge, even Prince Harry better listen!

27th April 2016

Twitter Allows Proposal Marathon Runners To See Photos Of Their Big Moment

Sometimes Twitter provides trolls and a forum for negative people to do what they do worst…..but sometimes it throws up pleasant surprises, too!

26th April 2016

Men Read Awful Online Insults Aimed At Female Sports Reporters

It gives an odd feeling when you see the face-to-face reactions of horrific comments that are usually only ever posted online.

14th April 2016

Celebs Turn Out to Witness Kobe Bryant's Farewell Game

It’s not every day that a legend like Kobe Bryant retires. So there were plenty of celebs who made sure they were there to witness his farewell game.

11th April 2016

Bull Takes Revenge On Matador In Painful Fashion!

Do you like it when the bull gets one back on the matador? If so, you should definitely read on!

02nd April 2016

Pro Surfer Mauled By Shark In Australia

A young Australian pro surfer has been mauled by a shark, resulting in the loss of a large part of his leg. His best friend came to his aid to save his life.

01st April 2016

Why Michael Jordan Will Make More Money Than Any Other Athlete in 2016, Even Though He's Long Retired

Michael Jordan has been retired now for 13 years, but he will still make more money this year than any other athlete, retired or still playing!

22nd March 2016

Margot Robbie To Star As Disgraced Figure Skater In New Hollywood Movie

It’s been more than twenty years since the skating scandal that captivated the world. But now, Margot Robbie has been cast to play villain, Tony Harding, in a new movie, “I, Tonya”.

20th March 2016

Hulk Hogan Earns Huge Payday In Gawker Sex Tape Trial

The trail in which legendary but controversial pro wrestler, Hulk Hogan, was suing Gawker over a sex tape, has resulted in a huge payout for the huge man.

20th March 2016

Comedian Eddie Izzard Completes Amazing 27 Marathons In 27 Days For Charity

British comedian Eddie Izzard took on the grueling task of raising money for charity by taking on super-human 27 marathons in 27 days!

14th March 2016

Rafael Nadal Is On The War Path In The Wake Of The Sharapova Drug Scandal

In the fallout from the Maria Sharapova drug scandal, Rafael Nadal isn’t happy about his name being dragged through the mud. It appears the hot-blooded Spaniard is on the war path.

14th March 2016

Drug Which Saw Maria Sharapova Suspended Flying Off The Shelves In Russia

Good press or bad press, it seems it’s all the same. Meldonium – the drug which resulted in Maria Sharapova’s suspension – has seen record sales in the past week.

12th March 2016

Maria Sharapova to Face Ban After Drug Debacle

After the whole ordeal in which Maria Sharapova came out admitting that she had taken a substance which had been made illegal in her sport, it looks like the tennis star may cop a ban for her indiscretions.

07th March 2016

Maria Sharapova Announces She Failed Drug Test at Australian Open

In what must come as a shock to many, Maria Sharapova has told how she failed a drug test at the Australian Open earlier this year.

30th November 2015

Kobe Bryant Announces Retirement

After 20 years of securing his spot as one of the greatest Basketballers of all time, Bryant has announced his retirement for the end of this season.

15th October 2015

Lamar Odom fighting for his life after being found unconscious at brothel

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after falling into unconsciousness at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nevada.

30th July 2015

Aussie Surfer Punches Shark

An Australian surfer has narrowly gotten away with his life after being attacked by a shark of the coast of northern NSW. Reports suggest he punched the shark in an attempt to fight of his attacker.