28th October 2016

Katy Perry Take An Opportunity To Throw Shade At Taylor Swift While Kanye Performs "Famous"

Apparently Perry is not about to let this beef rest…

28th October 2016

Khloe Kardashian Admits To Doctoring Photos She Posts

There’s quite literally more than meets the eye when it comes to Khloe Kardashian…

20th October 2016

20 Of The Absolute Strangest Comments From Fans On Celeb Photos

I’m no professional, but there could be something wrong with some of these people…

20th October 2016

Judge Who Sentenced El Chapo Is Shot And Killed Outside His Home

If ever there was a case where the judge needed protection…

19th October 2016

Kourtney Kardashian's Awkward Interview On Australian TV

It was so awkward that Kardashian had to pretend she couldn’t hear the hosts on live TV!

17th October 2016

Kim Kardashian's Assistant Has Broken Her Silence And Says "Keeks is taking some much needed time off"

It’s now be more than two weeks since the ordeal took place and one of those closest to the star has finally broken her silence…

17th October 2016

New Report Tells Of How Robbers Stayed In Kim Kardashian's Apartment For Up To An Hour

Perhaps it would have been a little more harrowing than we were first led to believe…

17th October 2016

Russell Crowe Forced To Physically Remove Azealia Banks From His Hotel Suite

Bear hugs and “Tarantino s***”! Things got very strange indeed at a Beverly Hills party hosted by actor Russell Crowe…

17th October 2016

Robbie Williams Reveals Plenty About His Various Cosmetic Procedures

Robbie can’t move his forehead.

17th October 2016

Lindsay Lohan Loses It With The Crowd At Opening Night Of Her New Club

Nobody wanted to listen to poor old Lindsay. So she did the only thing she could; she started yelling and swearing!

17th October 2016

Kris Jenner Blasts Kim Kardashian: "You're A F***ing Traitor"

Kris is NOT happy with Kim ..and it has something to do with Caitlyn!

14th October 2016

Allegations Trump Fired Khloe Kardashian From 'Celebrity Apprentice' Because Of How She Looked

Things are really going off the rails for Donal Trump as his past keeps painting a picture of who he really is…

14th October 2016

Chrissy Teigen On How Kim Kardashian Is Faring Following Her Paris Ordeal

Known for her hilarity and witty social media presence, Teigen has gone indoors since Kim’s ordeal. she recently told Vanity Fair how Kim is doing…

14th October 2016

Gigi Hadid Is Blasted By Online Fans Over Mistaking Zayn Malik's Ethnicity

Well, it is kind of embarrassing since he’s your boyfriend and all…

14th October 2016

One Person Shot And Another Stabbed At Miranda Kerr's Mansion

There’s been acts of extreme violence during a brutal confrontation at Miranda Kerr’s Malibu home!

14th October 2016

Kendall Jenner Talks About Stalker; "I've never been so scared in my life"

Jenner tells of her fear of a man accused of stalking her.

12th October 2016

Selena Gomez Has Checked Back In To Rehab

Despite being rich and famous, this girl sure does have a lot to deal with…

12th October 2016

Vanilla Ice Set To Perform 'Ice, Ice, Baby' "On Ice"

Yeah, that sort of ice…

12th October 2016

Kim Kardashian's Much Anticipated Return To Social Media Has Resulted In Many People Being Deleted

Could this whole thing change the way celebs use social media? It looks like it, if only for the meantime…

11th October 2016

Khloe Breaks Kardashian Silence And Opens Up About Paris Robbery

How is Kim really doing?