09th August 2016

Did Donald Trump Really Suggest Somebody Might Shoot Hillary Clinton?

It’s all about those “Second Amendment people”…

09th August 2016

The Korean Selfie That's Become A Symbol Of Unity At The Rio Games

Just two gymnasts casually taking a selfie…

08th August 2016

See The Young Thieves Of Rio Taking Advantage Of Extra Tourists During The Olympics

They’re as bold and brazen as thieves can get!

05th August 2016

Obama Pumps Up To Eminem's "Lose Yourself" At DNC

I think it’s fair to say he lost himself in the moment…

04th August 2016

Here's Why Clint Eastwood Says We've All Gone Soft

Clint Eastwood doesn’t seem to like the PC world he’s come to live in and he’s not afraid to tell us all about it…

04th August 2016

North Korea Are Planning On Going To The Moon

They’re aiming for the Moon but they have no plans to stop there…

04th August 2016

7 Facts To Help Us Get To Know Melania Trump: Possibly The Next First Lady

She’s the only person who could be the next First Lady unless Bill Clinton wears a dress…but how much do we really know about her?

02nd August 2016

When Donald Trump Didn't Know How To Eat KFC

They gave you a hint when they said that it’s “finger lickin’ good”….

01st August 2016

Melania Trump's Erotic Girl-On-Girl Photoshoot Uncovered

She’s gone and stolen Donald’s limelight again…but do you think he gives a damn?

27th July 2016

Celebs Turn Out For Hillary Clinton At DNC

“I’m probably a rapist”….

26th July 2016

Dr Dre Handcuffed During Bizarre Citizen's Arrest Incident

“Here we go again, another black man with a gun”….

26th July 2016

Things Got Really Awkward For Sarah Silverman At The Democratic Convention

Even for someone who puts up with heckles on a regular basis, this certainly turned out to be a tougher crowd than she probably thought…

25th July 2016

Rio Mayor Says Kangaroo Can Solve Olympic Village Problem

Is the Olympic village really “unlivable”?

22nd July 2016

Why This News Presenter Has Viewers Freaking Out About What She Wore On Air

Was this too much? Or should we say “too little”?

17th July 2016

Pakistan's Answer To Kim Kardashian Strangled In "Honor Killing"

Was it really because of what she posted on Facebook?!

15th July 2016

At Least 84 People Dead In Nice, France, Terrorist Attack. Why Is This Nation Chosen Yet Again?

The truth behind why France is such a target for terror…

11th July 2016

The Fallout Of Diamond Reynolds' Live Streaming Of Her Boyfriend's Death

WARNING: This truly is one of the most disturbing things you’ll see!

07th July 2016

Mischa Barton's Deletes Terrible Black Lives Matter Tribute

Hey, at least her yacht has WiFi…. So that’s something!

07th July 2016

Comedian Nails Donald Trump With A Point Nobody Else Has Made So Far

This guy is about to go viral again!

06th July 2016

UN Says That Internet Restrictions Violate Human Rights

If it’s good news for internet users then it’s good news for pretty much everyone, right?