21st November 2016

20 Things To Think About Before You Have Your Next Cigarette

Of course we know cigarettes are bad for us. By now, if you aren’t aware of the terrible dangers of smoking then we’d like to welcome you back from your vacation to the outer reaches of the galaxy. And yet, people still do it. Here’s 20 reminders why you, or someone close to you, should probably reconsider…

21st November 2016

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In School But Didn't

How much did you really learn about the world around you when you were at school? Sure, reading and writing were definitely great skills to learn …and I’m sure there are people using trigonometry in their every day. It’s just that, for most of us, there could possibly have been other things we’d have used more had we learned them earlier…

21st November 2016

25 Signs That You're More Mature Than You Think You Are

At some point, you’ve crossed that line from kid to adult. But the thing is, nobody ever feels like they’re an adult. There’s no test to pass and no certificate to be given. Everyone is always still growing up. Here’s 25 signs to prove you’re well on your way…

18th November 2016

25 Deliciously Beneficial Facts About Chocolate

If chocolate tastes so good then it must be bad, right? Actually, chocolate has a whole bunch of health benefits. At least 25 of them, in fact…

14th November 2016

12 Things That Only Insomniacs Will Understand

For those of you that can fall asleep (and stay that way until morning) as soon as your head hits the pillow – we hate you!!

06th November 2016

New Study Hints At Cannabis Being Able To Enhance Night Vision

It seems we’re learning more and more about the varied effects of cannabis on our bodies, but we didn’t expect this!

06th November 2016

New Study Proves Exactly How Bad Smoking Is For Our Lungs

By now, if you haven’t heard about how bad smoking is for you, then welcome back from outer space. But we now know exactly how bad a life choice smoking really is!

01st November 2016

12 Of The Very Best Foods To Have First Thing In The Morning

If it’s “the most important meal of the day”, or even if it isn’t, you want to start it the right way and have energy, right?

28th October 2016

25 Crazy Facts About Your Body

The human body is an amazing design feat – courtesy of evolution!

24th October 2016

12 Signs You're Masturbating TOO MUCH #5 Actually Affects Your Personality!

How much is too much of a good thing? Here are a few signs that you should start lowering your daily number.

14th October 2016

7 Of The Biggest Turn-Off For Girls

Guys, you might have a very hard time getting between the sheets unless you take these warnings on board…

12th October 2016

What It Means When You Body Makes A Sudden Jerking Movement As You're Falling Asleep

Haven’t you always just been a little bit curious as to why this happens?

12th October 2016

7 Amazing Psychological Facts About Your Own Mind

Although science has still only scratched the surface when understanding the human mind, what it has proven is that there is a rhyme and reason…

12th October 2016

10 Of The Very Best Ways To De-stress

…Because even if you had all the money you ever dreamed of, stress would still find you…

12th October 2016

This Guy Is A Professional Fitness Model But Has No Pulse

Just because you can’t find a pulse, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have “heart”!

24th September 2016

Young Executive Develops Beautiful Friendship With Homeless Woman

If you know how to look, there’s inspiration all around you…

19th September 2016

Young Boy grows Hair To Make Wigs For Cancer Patients

That’s one impressive head of hair! But what he did with it…

19th September 2016

5 Ways To Help You Break Out Of A Bad Mood

We all get a little irritated from time to time – some more than others. But what is the end game here? Do you want to stay annoyed or do you want to enjoy life? Try these 5 easy methods to drag you out…

12th September 2016

Sharon Osbourne Tells Of How She Had A "complete, utter breakdown"

Life is not always easy when you’re busy. In fact, sometimes it is especially difficult…

11th September 2016

Ariel Winter Hits Back At The Bullies In Lengthy Instagram Post

This body shaming stuff is nothing new for Ariel Winter, but she might have finally had enough!