02nd June 2016

Michael Bay Breaks His Silence On The Kate Beckinsale Criticism

The comments weren’t exactly flattering….but what’s it all about?!

29th May 2016

Is Johnny Depp's Career Over Now?

Some are claiming the negative press will spell the end for Johnny!

29th May 2016

Melissa McCarthy Fires Back At Ghostbusters Critics

Can you believe this film hasn’t even opened yet?!

23rd May 2016

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron Endure Awkward Reunion

What a difference a year makes!

23rd May 2016

Mistaken Identity Causes Embarrassment For Helen Hunt At Starbucks

Maybe this is a good idea for a movie…

23rd May 2016

Elijah Woods Is The Latest To Insist Hollywood Is Hiding Something

If it’s true, this could be huge! And he’s not even the first to say it…

09th May 2016

Is Game Of Thrones The New Porn?

At the very least, could GoT be making porn socially acceptable?

04th May 2016

5 Actresses Who Were Born Wealthy

These women weren’t waitresses before they got their big break.

01st May 2016

7 Actors Who Should Have Been Fired Or Not Cast In The First Place

An actor isn’t supposed to make a movie worse than it could have been…

26th April 2016

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shares An Adorable Fan Story

I’m guessing you really didn’t need another reason to love Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. But here’s one anyway…

22nd April 2016

8 Of The World's Most Famous Movies Explained In A Sentence. Brilliant.

It’s when you have just one sentence in which to explain the plot of a whole movie. And it’s hilarious!

21st April 2016

The 7 Reasons We Love James Franco For Being Weird

Let’s face it, James Franco is at least slightly strange. But we love him for it at the same time, right? Here’s 7 reasons why…

18th April 2016

How Did Chris Hemsworth Handle It When His Daughter Said She Wanted A Penis?!

It could be quite an awkward moment for a parent, or maybe you could be as cool as Chris Hemsworth.

14th April 2016

How Many Avatar Sequels Did James Cameron Say He Was Making?!

Avatar was one of the most popular movies of 2009, but now James Cameron reckons it’s time to start working on the sequels. Yes, “sequels” not “sequel”….

13th April 2016

'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows' Releases Second Trailer

The brand new trailer for the upcoming Ninja Turtles film has risen from the sewer. Check it out!

12th April 2016

7 Hollywood Leading Men and Their Jobs Before They Were Famous

They weren’t always super-successful Hollywood A-listers. Let’s find out what these 7 guys did before they were leading men on the silver screen.

12th April 2016

Amy Poehler Proves Nobody Knows How The MTV Awards Work!

Amy Poehler won an MTV Movie Award recently, but she doesn’t seem to know what they are. Neither do we…

12th April 2016

"Straight Outta Compton" Cast Take A Swipe At The Oscars!

The cast from the NWA biopic “Straight Outta Compton” use their MTV award speech as an opportunity to take a bit of a jab at the Oscars.

10th April 2016

The Big Winners At The 2016 MTV Movie Awards

Check out the big winners at the MTV Movie Awards. Who took home the coveted Golden Popcorn?

08th April 2016

Charlize Theron Will Be Joining the Cast For Fast & Furious 8

With Charlize Theron set to join the cast for Fast & Furious 8, will her character be friend or foe?