24th September 2016

A Bunch Of The Very Best Break Up Texts On The Internet

If you’re going to break up by text, then you might as well give it all you’ve got…

24th September 2016

People Who Got Caught Cheating Through Text Fails

You should probably double check what you type before you send it …unless you want to get caught, that is!

24th September 2016

A Handful Of The Worst Text Fails You're Likely To See

Because your brain didn’t come with an instruction manual…

19th September 2016

A Handful Of The Internet's Most Infuriating Passive Aggressive Notes

Why is it that the best passive aggressive people are always those who deserve a punch the most?!

19th September 2016

7 Of The Most Embarrassing Texts Ever Found On The Internet

..And most can’t even use the excuse that they were drunk!

12th September 2016

10 Of The Internet's Most Ridiculous Photoshop Fails

These people really should have had to pass a competency test before being allowed to use Photoshop!

11th September 2016

10 Funny Tweets For Grammar Nazis and English Majors

Sure, the English language is a weird and wonderful thing …but sometimes, it’s plain ridiculous!

20th August 2016

10 Funny tweets From People Who Just Aren't That Into People

We can’t all be social butterflies. Some of us are cool without wings…

04th July 2016

7 Tweets By People Who Grew Up Shy

If you grew up as a shy kid, you weren’t alone. Although you’d never have known that because you were way to busy being scared to talk to anyone about it.

10th June 2016

7 Tweets About The Number 69 That Shouldn't Be Funny

It’s definitely the funniest number there is!

08th June 2016

10 Of The Funniest First Date Text Fails Ever

You can’t keep blaming everything on autocorrect!

24th May 2016

Guy Sabotages Complete Stranger's Wedding On Twitter

“Don’t marry her… she’s…..”

24th March 2016

Internet Names Animals In The Spirit of Online Poll Which Could See a $300M Ship Named

The Natural Environment Research Council is conducting an online poll to name a ship. Of course, one of the front-runners is “Boaty McBoatface”. The internet has now decided to name animals in a similar fashion… #TheInternetNamesAnimals

23rd March 2016

Woman Tweets About Her Poop On First Date Disaster...As You Do...

I’m guessing the title alone posed more questions than it gave answers, so let’s just get straight in to it then, shall we? First things first – if you’re eating, I suggest you finish before reading…

22nd June 2015

You Won’t Believe What This Girl Asked A Random Guy From Tinder To Do For Her

We’ve all got some hilarious tales of weird conversations we’ve had with various Tinder matches, but I think this guy’s conversation with a strange young lady named Rachelle trumps them all. Would you ever consider this girl’s proposition?

07th June 2015

7 Psychotic Messages This Girl Sent A Guy When He Broke Things Off After First Date

After a Tinder match, some casual back and forth chit-chat, and a dull first date that ended with a kiss on the cheek, this guy decided he wasn’t interested and got a little too slow with his replies for this girl’s liking – and apparently she’s not the type to keep her feelings to herself!

08th March 2015

7 Hilarious Dad Texts

These 7 dads might be hilarious to the rest of us, but I think it’s safe to assume that all these sons and daughters moved out less than a week after these text conversations.

24th February 2015

15 of the Weirdest Google Autocomplete Suggestions

I guess the Autocomplete is there to help you find what you are looking for but on occasion, you have to wonder if its sole purpose is to freak you out or make you laugh.

08th February 2015

15 People Who Simply Texted “It’s Done” to Random Phone Numbers

Elijah Daniel asked his Twitter followers to text a random stranger the simple phrase, “It’s done” and then see what sort of reaction they got in return. As it turns out, some of them can be quite entertaining.

27th January 2015

12 Hilarious Texts You'll Only Get From An Ex

I would like to suggest that most people won’t recognise this type of text but the sad truth is, most of us will. Which just goes to show, when matters of the heart are involved, us humans can become a mean old bunch. However, the cloud has a silver lining as these texts are hilarious.