12th December 2016

25 Epic Last Words By Famous People

From the profound and poetic to the inexplicable and epic, these are the last words of 25 of history’s most famous dead people.

12th December 2016

25 Motivational Quotes To Remind You To Always Believe In Yourself

Every now and then, even the most highly motivated among us need a little extra kick. These 25 motivational quotes are for anyone to find that extra bit of self-belief.

11th December 2016

Madonna Makes Powerful Billboard 'Woman Of The Year' Speech

Following a truly impassioned speech having been named “Woman of the Year”, Madonna has been heaped with praise for her bold choice of words.

08th December 2016

12 Legit Reasons To Start Working Out Now

We get it ….making the decision to start working out and then sticking to it is not an easy thing to do. But NOTHING worth doing is ever easy. Here’s 12 reasons why you should take the plunge…

06th December 2016

20 Quotes To Help You Get Over Someone

Let’s not get bogged down with poignant reminders of what used to be. It’s time to move on. Here’s 20 quotes to help…

05th December 2016

25 Legitimately Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

The internet is swamped with quotes by people from all walks of life. Included here are nothing but the very best!

29th November 2016

25 Negative Things You Need To Stop Doing To Yourself

With all the effort you put in to doing what “you’re supposed to do”, how much of it actually makes you happy…?

29th November 2016

20 Awesome Indoor Exercises For When The Weather Is Bad

The weather can ruin your outdoor fitness plans and it can get pretty boring just running on a treadmill. Fortunately, there’s at least 20 other things you can try first…

28th November 2016

25 Signs That You're Already On The Road To Success

Even for the most confident among us, we all come across a time or two in our lives where we feel like perhaps we could have achieved more. However, despite possible feelings of failure, it’s probable that you’re actually more successful than you think you are and the only thing you’re failing at is realizing just how successful you already are..!

28th November 2016

25 Unique And Beautiful Places To Spend A Winter Vacation

With the northern winter fast approaching, perhaps it could be time to start thinking about where you could take a winter vacation to either get away from the cold weather, or make best use of it…

27th November 2016

If You're Feeling Adventurous, Here's How You Can Book A Mystery Vacation

There’s a world of travel sites where you can book a vacation, but what about one where you don’t know the destination?! Would you be happy to pay for that?!

27th November 2016

Dog Who's Obsessed With Her Santa Toy Meets Santa And Is Starstruck

They say that it’s not always good to meet your idols as they may disappoint you. But this is an advertisement for doing it anyway..!

27th November 2016

5 Quick But Intelligent Quotes By Richard Branson

Here’s a bonus quote; “Only a fool never changes his mind”.

27th November 2016

12 Reasons People Who Travel Often Are More Likely To Be Successful

I guess it depends on how you measure success as to what that actually means. But there’s really only one way to understand the world you live in to get the most out of it…

27th November 2016

12 Things To Ditch If You're Truly Chasing Happiness

Happiness is the ultimate goal, right? Otherwise, what could you possibly be on Earth for?

24th November 2016

5 Signs You Might Have Multiple Past Lives

Do you ever get that feeling like you’ve been here before…?

22nd November 2016

12 Random Facts About The World That Are Hard To Believe Are True

Even though they say the only things certain in life are death and taxes, there are many things on this Earth that we take for granted. The sky will probably appear black at night and the ocean will probably appear blue. However, the following 12 things are not nearly so obvious…

21st November 2016

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In School But Didn't

How much did you really learn about the world around you when you were at school? Sure, reading and writing were definitely great skills to learn …and I’m sure there are people using trigonometry in their every day. It’s just that, for most of us, there could possibly have been other things we’d have used more had we learned them earlier…

21st November 2016

25 Signs That You're More Mature Than You Think You Are

At some point, you’ve crossed that line from kid to adult. But the thing is, nobody ever feels like they’re an adult. There’s no test to pass and no certificate to be given. Everyone is always still growing up. Here’s 25 signs to prove you’re well on your way…

21st November 2016

25 Superpowers We All Wish We Had

It doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, or in the middle somewhere, life would be much easier if you could pick a superpower. But you only get to pick one – so choose wisely…