08th April 2016

British Regulators Rule That Gucci Model Is "Unhealthily Thin"

Gucci have been sounded out by British authorities for using a model who they think is way too thin.

07th April 2016

Is Kim Kardashian Really Sending Kanye West Broke?

Kanye West, the self-proclaimed genius, just can’t seem to find a way to keep up with his Kardashian and might be going broke in the process!

05th April 2016

Beyoncé Talks About Ivy Park And Self Love In New Interview

It’s been a while since we heard from Beyoncé, and while it isn’t a new album, her clothing line is very close to hitting shelves.

12th March 2016

Swimwear Model Erin Heatherton Posts About Struggles With Body Image

Erin Heatherton has recently posted on Instagram, describing her battles with body image and the pressure to stay perfect.

04th August 2015

Men In Hong Kong Are Participating In The Weirdest Protest Ever… By Cross-Dressing

Men dressed in pretty pink lingerie may seem comical, but the bigger picture behind this situation is appalling and outright ridiculous.

24th June 2015

Will Wearing Skinny Jeans Put You In Hospital?

It is often said that sometimes you must suffer a little to look good, but most probably won’t want to reach the point where fashion might kill them.

12th June 2015

These 6 Photos Of Dogs With Hair Trimmed Into Blocks Will Be The Weirdest Thing You See All Day

It’s no secret that Japan comes up with some pretty out there trends, but this latest one might be taking it a step too far – these poor puppies are going to be traumatically bullied by the other “normal-shaped” dogs at the dog parks and beaches!

25th May 2015

15 Awesomely Unnecessary Keychains

Keychains are functional, but so is nose hair, as we aren’t afraid to style that! (Hold up. What??) If your keys have to hang about on a chain together, you might as well give them something cool to look at.

05th May 2015

10 Images of Model Walking Around NYC With Jeans Painted Onto Her Naked Legs

YouTube channel ModelPranksters TV hired a team of body paint artists to paint a pair of jeans onto a models legs, then sent her off to walk the streets of Manhattan to see if anyone would notice. The results will surprise you!

19th April 2015

5 Musicians & the Secrets Behind Their Trademark Look

A musician has to have the musical prowess to carry them through a successful career (most of the time) but often they come with a signature look too – an identifying element to their image which becomes iconic. These are five such artists and the stories behind them.

16th April 2015

Angry Old Man Storms Stage At Fashion Week To Complain About Noise

A grumpy neighbour climbed up on stage as a model strutted up the catwalk during a fashion show (which ended at 7pm) and complained that the noise was keeping him awake, before getting tackled by security. Now he has spoken to the media about the commotion.

20th March 2015

17 Old People Rocking Awesome Full Body Tattoos

These 17 senior citizens have once and for all debunked the argument: “how do you think those ugly tattoos are going to look when you’re old and wrinkly?”

18th March 2015

7 Images of This Mother Letting Her 3-year-old Son Choose Her Outfits For a Full Week

Summer Bellessa asked her 3-year-old son to choose her outfits for an entire workweek as a bit of an experiment. After all, she has dressed him every day of his entire life – isn’t it only fair that he gets a turn?

09th March 2015

10 Reasons Why Ladies Should Always Go Commando

Yep, there are actually 10 reasons in favour of women going commando. There are probably even more (I’m sure all you guys out there are racking your brains right now!) but here are the best 10.

05th March 2015

14 Vests You Don’t Want to Be Seen In

Vests can look cool, but usually only if you happen to be a cowboy. Most of us are not, and so one really needs to be careful when trying to incorporate it in to our attire. Whatever you do, avoid the ones on this list.

27th February 2015

The Dress That Will Start World War III

What started as a tumblr post of a picture of a dress taken in a badly lit room has exploded online as people debate over whether the dress is white and gold and black and blue.

11th February 2015

Conservative Lawmaker Wants to Outlaw Yoga Pants

A lawmaker in Montana aims to strengthen the state’s indecent exposure law. If introduced, the bill would make it illegal to wear yoga pants in public.

05th January 2015

This Girl’s Tight Red Dress Literally Saved Her Life

Last month, 21-year-old Zoe Turner was in a serious car accident that broke plenty of bones. However, doctors say that her tight dress held them in place and prevented them from puncturing her vital organs. Otherwise, she almost certainly would have been killed in the crash.

29th November 2014

15 Most Valuable Academy Awards Dresses In History

Many actresses wear millions of dollars worth of jewelry to the event, often diamond-based and – unsurprisingly – generally on loan. Stylists hired specifically for the purpose of dressing for the Oscars can cost between $1,500 to $6,000 per day.

02nd November 2014

25 Times When You Start To Rethink Your Choice Of Halloween Costume

At first these people thought the Halloween costume they decided on was perfect. But at some point during the night, they realized that they may have made a poor choice.