21st April 2016

7 Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn From Apple

Everyone knows all about Apple’s products but think why they came to be part of the fabric of society. Maybe it’s because of the fact they have quite literally changed people’s lives…

21st April 2016

Method Man and Redman Will Act As Spokesmen For BlazeNow App

With Method Man and Redman on board as spokesmen, what did you think the new app BlazeNow was going to be about?

20th April 2016

5 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting The Promotion You Think You Deserve

So you’ve been waiting, or rather, working hard for a promotion at work. Well, this could be why it hasn’t come yet.

07th April 2016

This Is What Taylor Swift Can Do For Your iTunes Sales

Taylor Swift appeared in a 60-second Apple advertisement rapping along to Drake & Future’s “Jumpman” while trying to use a treadmill. It worked out great for more than just Apple!

07th April 2016

5 Things You Need To Know About The Panama Papers

We’ve all heard about the scandal known as the “Panama Papers” but do you actually know what it is that everyone’s talking about?

01st April 2016

Why Michael Jordan Will Make More Money Than Any Other Athlete in 2016, Even Though He's Long Retired

Michael Jordan has been retired now for 13 years, but he will still make more money this year than any other athlete, retired or still playing!

21st July 2015

Watch: Coca-Cola’s New Ad Campaign In The Middle East Is Incredibly Sobering

Coca-Cola have proven once again that no one dreams up an ad campaign that tugs on the heartstrings and sends such an important message as well as they do. To coincide with Ramadan, Coca-Cola are running a very interesting campaign in the Middle East.

29th June 2015

This Unemployed Man Outwitted Everyone And Made Millions

Yeah I know, it sounds too good to be true and 99.9999% of the time it WOULD be, but this jobless guy dreamed up a clever little plan that put millions of dollars in his pocket $2 at a time. And chances are this scheme will NEVER work again.

29th June 2015

Secrets to Making Money with Paid Surveys

Would you take a 45 minute paid survey for $500? I’m sure you would and you’re in luck because Jason White is going to show you how you can!

05th June 2015

Akon Will Soon Be Responsible For Supplying 600 Million Africans With Solar Electricity

The “Smack That” pop singer might seem just as superficial as the rest of them, but in actual fact his charity organization “Akon Lighting Africa” is coming seriously close to supplying rural communities all over the African continent with free solar power.

25th May 2015

15 Millionaires Who Dropped Out Of School

When your parents tell you to stay in school and study hard, and you simply don’t feel like it. Show them this list and walk away safe in the knowledge that you won that argument without having to even say a word.

17th May 2015

People Are Getting Paid To Use Facebook

There’s a secret world out there that is unknown to the masses, but for those who are using it are getting rich, from what everyone else is doing for free everyday.

14th May 2015

GoPro Founder Makes Good On $229 Million-Dollar Promise

The founder and CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman, has returned US$229 million dollars’ worth of shares to keep a promise to a former roommate.

14th May 2015

IKEA Offers Londoners Breakfast In Bed

IKEA have opened a pop-up café in Shoreditch, London where customers can book a bed for 45-minute windows and receive breakfast in bed!

07th May 2015

Policeman Spends 8 Hours In Court Explaining Why He Deserves $10 Million For Spilled Starbucks Coffee

Over 3 years ago, a friendly Starbucks barista gave a North Carolina policeman a free coffee, which the policeman then spilled all over his lap. On Wednesday, Lieutenant Matthew Kohr spent 8 hours on the witness stand explaining why Starbucks owes him $10 million in damages.

27th April 2015

College Drop Out Builds Multi-Million Dollar Empire

He is a university drop out who just happens to have built himself a multi-million dollar business from basically nothing. Oh yeah, and he still lives in a tent.

03rd April 2015

BMW Turn Table On April Fool’s Prank & Actually Give Someone A $50,000 Car For Free

A New Zealand BMW dealership decided to turn April Fool’s pranks on their head by pulling off a double bluff this year where they actually gave away a BMW 1 Series worth $50,000 to the first person who asked for it!

25th March 2015

Restaurant Serves Two Year Old Girl Alcohol

We can all imagine the shock of parents who found out that their two year old daughter had been served alcohol whilst the family we dining at a restaurant.

24th March 2015

Dead Businessman Gets Arrested

A businessman in the United States who was believed to have been dead for two years has shown up alive and well. Unfortunately, he also got arrested.

04th March 2015

10 of the Youngest Self-Made Millionaires Ever

No matter how productive or successful you are, these 10 kids will make you feel lazy and stupid. Why? Because they were all millionaires before most of us were old enough to even SPELL millionaires!