03rd December 2016

20 Facts That Sound Made-up But Are Totally True

The world’s a crazy place. To prove it, all these 20 facts about the world in which you live are going to sound like fiction, but they’re totally true!

28th November 2016

The Worst Way To Die In The Wild Is To Be The Victim Of A Cassowary Attack

Nature can be a beautiful thing to both observe and surround yourself with. That is, unless you happen to end up in this guy’s territory…

27th November 2016

12 Strangest And Funniest Things Doctors Have Had To Deal With

When doctors were asked to give Facebook insight in to some of their dumbest patients, things got hilarious really fast…

22nd November 2016

12 Random But Helpful Facts About Men

We either a) see men everyday, or b) we are a man ourselves. However, just because we encounter them at home, work or in the mirror, doesn’t mean we understand everything there is to know about them…

22nd November 2016

12 Random Facts About The World That Are Hard To Believe Are True

Even though they say the only things certain in life are death and taxes, there are many things on this Earth that we take for granted. The sky will probably appear black at night and the ocean will probably appear blue. However, the following 12 things are not nearly so obvious…

21st November 2016

20 Things To Think About Before You Have Your Next Cigarette

Of course we know cigarettes are bad for us. By now, if you aren’t aware of the terrible dangers of smoking then we’d like to welcome you back from your vacation to the outer reaches of the galaxy. And yet, people still do it. Here’s 20 reminders why you, or someone close to you, should probably reconsider…

21st November 2016

25 Things They Should Have Taught You In School But Didn't

How much did you really learn about the world around you when you were at school? Sure, reading and writing were definitely great skills to learn …and I’m sure there are people using trigonometry in their every day. It’s just that, for most of us, there could possibly have been other things we’d have used more had we learned them earlier…

12th November 2016

25 Facts About Space That Are Both Awesome And Scary

In the grand scheme of things, there’s really very little that we do know about the universe in comparison to what we’re still to learn. But space is massive, and we do know some pretty crazy stuff already…

11th November 2016

25 Hilarious Tweets For Science Nerds

You might be that person who everybody points to as the stereotypical science nerd, or you might be hiding in the closet. Either way, there’s nothing better than someone who gets it…

08th November 2016

Breast Enlargement Cream Like Steroids For Your Boobs

Finally! A surgery-free, natural Up-A-Cup Breast Enhancement Cream to help you enhance the size and suppleness of your breasts.

06th November 2016

New Study Hints At Cannabis Being Able To Enhance Night Vision

It seems we’re learning more and more about the varied effects of cannabis on our bodies, but we didn’t expect this!

06th November 2016

New Study Proves Exactly How Bad Smoking Is For Our Lungs

By now, if you haven’t heard about how bad smoking is for you, then welcome back from outer space. But we now know exactly how bad a life choice smoking really is!

03rd November 2016

20 Strange Facts About The Planet's Oceans

I don’t know about you, but to me, under the surface of the ocean is a big, scary world of the unknown. The truth is, we know some stuff…

28th October 2016

25 Crazy Facts About Your Body

The human body is an amazing design feat – courtesy of evolution!

28th October 2016

25 Science-Backed Facts About Happiness

It’s not often we get to quote Jesse from ‘Breaking Bad’ but let’s not wate the opportunity; “Yeah science!”

24th October 2016

The Bizarre Medical Condition That Makes People Think They Don't Exist

How can a person actually believe that they aren’t here?!

24th October 2016

Researchers Might Have Just Found A Way To Make Our Brains Learn Like Kids Again

What if you found learning as easy as you did when you were a kid..??

19th October 2016

25 Crazy Facts About Bombs

Bombs have had a pretty profound effect on our world, when you stop and think about it. But if you need some convincing of that, check out these 25 amazing bomb facts.

12th October 2016

5 Psychological Tricks You Can Use ToGet People To Do What You Want

Nobody is saying that it’s morally the right thing to do …just that they work, that’s all!

12th October 2016

What It Means When You Body Makes A Sudden Jerking Movement As You're Falling Asleep

Haven’t you always just been a little bit curious as to why this happens?