27th February 2014

21 Reasons Dating Yourself is Better Than Actual Dating.

You’re the best. And don’t you deserve the best?

26th February 2014

10 Mundane Superpowers Every Twentysomething Wishes They Had

Comics that don’t judge you for being a SLOBLORD.

26th February 2014

26 Signs Your Metabolism Isn’t What It Used To Be

If only eating everything you want had zero consequences.

26th February 2014

Like a Boss! (20 PICS)

Boss moments are the best. Here are 20 more ways you can live your life more like A Boss.

25th February 2014

25 Morning Memes

Everybody hates morning – whether it’s getting out of the most comfortable bed imaginable or meaning that you have to go to your soul destroying job.

25th February 2014

15 Things You Never Have To Worry About With A Best Friend

I’ll be there for you, ‘cause you’re there for me, too. Like when I drink too much gin.

25th February 2014

19 Brilliant "Your Momma" Jokes to Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

What did you just say?! Oh HELLLL NOOOOOO

25th February 2014

23 Reasons Why Kids Are The Meanest People In The World

Yet are also the absolute most hilarious beings in the world.

25th February 2014

Top 30 Funny People to Follow on Twitter

Here are 30 funny people who you may not have heard of but are definitely worthy of a follow

24th February 2014

18 Ways Finding A Job Is Like Dating

The only real difference is that getting a significant other usually doesn’t require an application.

24th February 2014

21 Childhood Hairstyles We’re All Trying To Forget We Had

We’ve all been there. We look back at childhood photos and cringe over the hairstyles. Here are a few faves.

23rd February 2014

17 Things That Are Easier Than Paying Off Student Loans

You laugh, but there are many things easier to do in this world than paying off those painful student loans. So. Many. Things

21st February 2014

14 Types Of People You Find On Facebook

We all have fit into one of the molds at one time or another. Which one are you?

20th February 2014

31 Examples of Women Logic

Men are from Mars and Women from Venus. So perhaps that explains why we are not even speaking the same language half the time.

19th February 2014

25 Awkwardest Family Photos

Whether intentional or nor, sometimes family photos are just plain hilarious.

19th February 2014

Top 30 Adult Humor Memes of 2013

We all love Memes. Especially when they’re making fun of Kristen Stewart. Therefore, here are the best adult humour memes of 2013.

19th February 2014

17 Things That Happen When Your Best Friend Starts Dating Someone New

You’ve been bests for years but as soon as they have someone in their heart, you find yourself singing ‘When will I see you againnnnn?’

16th February 2014

30 Problems Only ’00s Girls Will Understand

MSN, Harry Potter, Myspace – Just a few of the problems that girls experienced during the ’00s.