07th February 2017

12 Famous Abbreviations And Acronyms And What They Really Mean

What does “Yahoo” really mean..???

06th February 2017

12 Very Poorly Timed But Funny Photos

When all is not as it seems, it sometimes creates a better, more hilarious world…

06th February 2017

12 Of The Laziest People To Ever Walk The Planet

I think it’s fair to say that laziness has infected these people and the situation is critical…

06th February 2017

12 Of The Best Neighborhood Watch Signs Found On The Internet

Have you seen any of these in your ‘hood?

06th February 2017

12 Worst Ways To Flirt On Facebook

Honestly, is there ever a good way to flirt on Facebook? If there is a positive answer, it involves private messaging. These ones don’t…

06th February 2017

25 Of The Most Inspiring Quotes People Have Ever Spoken

It might be just what you need to turn your day around. It could even be exactly what you need to turn your life around…

06th February 2017

25 Weirdest Town Names Ever

We’d really like to know if the people who grew up in these towns suffer from any long-term effects…

06th February 2017

25 Very Funny And Creative Protest Signs

There’s been quite a bit of protesting lately, so what better time to search the internet for some of the more inventive protest signs we’ve seen over recent years…

06th February 2017

25 Inventions That Changed The World The Most

When something new comes along that turns out to be a huge game-changer, it’s difficult to remember what the world was like before we came to take it for granted…

06th February 2017

25 Most Common Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

When you look back at childhood, the lies went far beyond Santa Claus…

06th February 2017

25 Crazy Facts About Space And Your Place In It

The more we keep learning about space and what’s actually in it, the more questions we keep getting presented with…

06th February 2017

25 Everyday Words That Used To Mean Something Very Different

Haven’t you ever wondered why something being “awful” could be a bad thing?

02nd February 2017

20 Brutal Truths About Life You Need To Come To Terms With

Before you can really be who you want to be, you must first look life in the face and accept some brutal truths that exist whether you like it or not. Here’s the 20 main ones…

02nd February 2017

20 Reasons Why Some People Always Seem Like They're Happy

Some people always see the glass half full while you’re busy trying to convince yourself it’s not half empty because you think that’s what you should be doing. They might not have more money than you, but they appear to have found the secret to happiness. Of course, there are reasons why this is so. Here’s 20 of them…

01st February 2017

20 Of The Most Messed Up Tinder Chats On The Internet

It gets much, much weirder! We’d almost prefer an unsolicited pic….

01st February 2017

The 20 Sexiest Songs Ever Written

This is legit baby makin’ music. You know what to do if you don’t actually want one…

01st February 2017

20 Perfect Quotes About Happiness For Those Days When You Need A Boost

There’s a reason why people take notice of quotes. It’s because they sum concepts up with a handful of words we can all relate to. What better time to look at quotes than when we’re trying to put happiness in to perspective….??

01st February 2017

20 Funny Little First World Problems We're Glad Didn't Happen To Us

…Because sometimes life sucks just a little more than you hoped it would…

01st February 2017

20 Song Lyrics To Remind You What Life Is About

The lyrics to beautiful songs have a way of getting in to our hearts and sometimes they even manage to shape the way we look at things…

31st January 2017

5 Ways To Make Sure People Listen When You Talk

There’s nothing like being confident you have the power to make people listen when you’re speaking. Here’s 5 simple tricks you can employ to make sure that happens…