06th November 2016

Photographer Captures Giant Wolf In Sweden's Northern Lights

The photographer was completely unaware what they’d captured until looking at the images later on the pc…

03rd November 2016

20 Most Visited Cities On The Planet

People are traveling now more than ever before for both business and pleasure. But even though these cities are the most visited on the planet, there’s a really good chance you never considered visiting some of them, until now…

02nd November 2016

Lil Wayne Dismisses Black Lives Matter As "Dumb S**t"

“What is it? What do you mean?”

01st November 2016

Slot Machine Winner Denied $43 Million Jackpot And Offered A Steak Dinner Instead

When a multi-million dollar jackpot strikes, there’s no way of telling it will end like this…!

01st November 2016

Woman Gets Her 20 Boyfriends To Buy Her An iPhone 7 Only To Sell Them All For A House Deposit

So, money might not be able to buy you love, but love can certainly get you some money…!!

01st November 2016

Study Shows Black People Wait Longer For Uber And Lyft Rides

Study finds that Uber and Lyft are quietly discriminating against people based on both their race and gender.

01st November 2016

10 Most Horrific Rituals Forced On Women Around The World

In many countries, gender quality is slowly starting to seem an achievable dream, however, these ritual practices prove that some parts of the globe still have a long way to go!

28th October 2016

25 Interestingly Facts About Norway That Make It Unique

You’re probably thinking sexy blonde women and the Northern Lights. But you know they knighted a penguin, right?!

28th October 2016

25 Countries That Have The Most Positive Effect On The World

Ranking countries according to seven categories (science and technology, culture, international peace and security, world order, planet and climate, prosperity and equality, and health and well-being), the Good Country Index tells whether your country has been naughty or nice!

27th October 2016

Irish Rugby Legend's Quiz Show Answer Is Absolutely Freakish

This show has been on television for many decades but it’s doubtful there’s ever been a better answer!

27th October 2016

Student Refuses To Pay Parking Fine With Funny And Articulate Letter

But the question we’re all dying to have answered is; Did he manage to get a victory?

27th October 2016

25 Of The Craziest Ever News Headlines

There are times when life is too good to be true but there are also times when it’s even better than that…

26th October 2016

25 Common Socially Acceptable Behaviors That Seem Weird To Us

What is cool here, might get you in trouble there …and vice versa, of course!

24th October 2016

Woman Sues KFC For $20 Million Over False Advertising

She’s finger-lickin’ furious!!

24th October 2016

Thousands Of Californian Veterans Forced To Pay Back Enlistment Bonuses A Decade After Going To War

Thousands of soldiers were offered incentives to go to war and risk their lives. But now, a full decade on, guess what they Pentagon is demanding…

20th October 2016

Emmett Till Memorial Vandalized Once Again. This Time With Bullets

A black teenage boy murdered by two white men in 1955 became a catalyst for the civil rights movement …and his memorial has been vandalized. Again!

20th October 2016

Judge Who Sentenced El Chapo Is Shot And Killed Outside His Home

If ever there was a case where the judge needed protection…

17th October 2016

25 Of The World's Most Difficult Languages To Master

Some people have enough trouble mastering their native language, but let’s be honest, if you’re reading this then you’ve done well enough. But learning one of these as a second language is a whole other ball game..!!

14th October 2016

Chrissy Teigen On How Kim Kardashian Is Faring Following Her Paris Ordeal

Known for her hilarity and witty social media presence, Teigen has gone indoors since Kim’s ordeal. she recently told Vanity Fair how Kim is doing…