30th August 2016

Trolls Say Woman's Dramatic Weight Loss Was Faked

She didn’t deserve this sort of treatment, did she?

30th August 2016

This Teen Escapee Asked For A Better Mugshot On Facebook

Mugshots aren’t meant to look good, are they?

29th August 2016

The Funniest Online Reactions To MTV's Video Music Awards

What’s social media for if not to poke fun at celebrities?!

28th August 2016

Kendall Jenner Asks Uber To Investigate After Her Account Somehow Got Suspended

Yes Kim, she’s a “model” passenger… We get it!

28th August 2016

Schoolgirl Kills Herself For Fear Of Backlash From Racially Insensitive Instagram Photo

This really didn’t need to happen. This is why we should be a lot more careful what we post and how we treat people online…

27th August 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Severs Ties With EpiPen Manufacturer Over Price Hike

She’s “disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned”…

26th August 2016

Skyscanner App Suggests Man Take 47-Year Stopover In Bangkok

Well, it does give him more time for activities…

25th August 2016

Kardashians And Jenners Warned To Clean Up Their Instagram Accounts

The Kardashians have managed to attract themselves some unwanted attention…

21st August 2016

"Gandalf" Turned Down $1.5 Million To Officiate Facebook Billionaire's Wedding

“You shall not pass”, etc,…..

20th August 2016

Twitter Unveils Its "Quality Filter"

Does it really work?

17th August 2016

Naomi Campbell Has Had An Embarrassing Photoshop Fail

So, that’s how she stays looking so young!

11th August 2016

Snapchat Got Racist Again But Quickly Shut It Down

They didn’t learn from “blackface”. Guess what this one is called…

09th August 2016

Once Again Iggy Azalea Has Instagram Followers Crying Fake With Latest Booty Pic

Her eye-popping proportions have had us guessing in the past, but this time, can she really expect us to believe it’s real?

08th August 2016

1,000 Robots Break The World Record By Dancing In Unison

With the might of technology at the ready, it’s time to dance!

05th August 2016

Pokemon Go Gets The Hip Hop Treatment With Apple Playlist

Catch ’em all or die tryin’.

04th August 2016

North Korea Are Planning On Going To The Moon

They’re aiming for the Moon but they have no plans to stop there…

03rd August 2016

Have A Guess How Old This Japanese Instagram Star Is...

If there’s a down side, it might be getting through customs when trying to convince them it’s really you on the passport…

03rd August 2016

Carpet Cleaner Suing US Olympic Committee Over The Right To Hashtag Olympics

Are they really going to tell us what we can hashtag and what we can’t?

02nd August 2016

Online Dater Beheads Woman Following Rejection

You don’t really know who you’re meeting online…