21st August 2016

"Gandalf" Turned Down $1.5 Million To Officiate Facebook Billionaire's Wedding

“You shall not pass”, etc,…..

20th August 2016

Twitter Unveils Its "Quality Filter"

Does it really work?

17th August 2016

Naomi Campbell Has Had An Embarrassing Photoshop Fail

So, that’s how she stays looking so young!

11th August 2016

Snapchat Got Racist Again But Quickly Shut It Down

They didn’t learn from “blackface”. Guess what this one is called…

09th August 2016

Once Again Iggy Azalea Has Instagram Followers Crying Fake With Latest Booty Pic

Her eye-popping proportions have had us guessing in the past, but this time, can she really expect us to believe it’s real?

07th August 2016

1,000 Robots Break The World Record By Dancing In Unison

With the might of technology at the ready, it’s time to dance!

05th August 2016

Pokemon Go Gets The Hip Hop Treatment With Apple Playlist

Catch ’em all or die tryin’.

04th August 2016

North Korea Are Planning On Going To The Moon

They’re aiming for the Moon but they have no plans to stop there…

03rd August 2016

Have A Guess How Old This Japanese Instagram Star Is...

If there’s a down side, it might be getting through customs when trying to convince them it’s really you on the passport…

03rd August 2016

Carpet Cleaner Suing US Olympic Committee Over The Right To Hashtag Olympics

Are they really going to tell us what we can hashtag and what we can’t?

01st August 2016

Online Dater Beheads Woman Following Rejection

You don’t really know who you’re meeting online…

25th July 2016

Illegal Torrent Sites Vow To Keep Going Despite The Downfall Of Kickass Torrents

It’s already been quite a big week for illegal downloading sites…

25th July 2016

7 Of The Hottest Apps You Can't Miss

You probably missed out on these while all you were doing was hearing about ‘Pokémon Go’!

25th July 2016

Tinder Plans To Shake Up Your Social Life Even Further Than It Already Has

Now Tinder wants to do more than hook you up with a new partner…

25th July 2016

In Japan, People Are Starting To Believe Their Pets Can See Pokémon

Perhaps this is a real thing… Seriously. Take a look!

25th July 2016

'Pokémon Go' Narrated By David Attenborough Is As Awesome As It Sounds

It makes so much sense…why didn’t this happen earlier?

22nd July 2016

The Real Reason Your iPhone Only Lets You Snooze For 9 Minutes

Ten minutes would seem far more reasonable. Nine is never quite enough…

22nd July 2016

The Very Last VCR Producer Call Time After 40 Years

Yes, there was one company still making them…until now…

22nd July 2016

Kickass Torrents Brought Down By Facebook And Apple iTunes

Following years of staying one step ahead of authorities, it was one stupid mistake which brought the whole thing undone!