22nd July 2015

Watch: Guy In A Wingsuit Flies Through A 2-Metre Cave Ridiculously Fast

Generally, athletic people who wear GoPro’s on their head are the type of people that do insane stunts and make the rest of us feel lazy, inadequate and boring. Uli Emanuele has joined those people with his jaw-dropping latest stunt.

21st July 2015

Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo Has His Sights On Margot Robbie

The Internet seems pretty amused to learn that even high profile celebrity athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo resort to social media creeping to let someone know they’re interested in them. If liking a chunk of someone’s old Instagram posts from months ago isn’t enough to get a celebrity’s attention, what is?!

19th July 2015

Surfer Narrowly Avoids Being Killed By Shark Live On Camera

Surfer Mick Fanning just had a harrowing experience during the J-Bay Open competition in South Africa. He was approached by what appears to be two sharks, who knocked him off his board.

12th June 2015

Watch Ex-Rugby Player Ben Ross Snap His Arm On Live TV During Arm-Wrestling Match

Former NRL stars Ben Ross and Wendell Sailor were engaged in a friendly arm-wrestling match on Australia’s NRL Footy Show mid-June when suddenly Ross’s humerus snapped in half and his arm folded in on itself live on TV. Ouch…

27th April 2015

Things We Didn’t Know About Manny Pacquaio

The Pacman might not have quite the celebrity image of his upcoming opponent however, that still doesn’t mean he doesn’t live a pretty crazy life.

27th April 2015

Fat Cutting Techniques Used By UFC Fighters to Drop More Than 10 Pounds in a Day

It appears that many UFC fighters might be putting themselves at risk. “Tell me something I don’t know” I hear you say. But this has nothing to do with possible head trauma.

20th April 2015

Woman Cheats To Win First Place In Marathon

A woman has been stripped of her official first place in the recent St Louis marathon after it was discovered that she had cheated.

10th March 2015

10 Dead in Argentina Helicopter Crash, 3 of Them Famous French Athletes

Two helicopters have collided in midair in Argentina during filming of reality TV show “Dropped”, killing 10 people – 3 of which were well-known French athletes.

23rd February 2015

The Afghani Rambo Stealing Hearts at the Cricket World Cup

He is the new cult hero of the cricketing world and they call him “Rambo”. Afghanistan’s Hamid Hassan has become the poster boy of the 2015 Cricket World Cup being held in Australia and New Zealand.

23rd February 2015

Small Sumo Wrestler Thinks Outside the Circle to Defeat Much Larger Opponent

Watch as one sumo wrestler who appears to be out of his depth weight-wise, uses a bit of cunning skill to defeat a much larger opponent in very little time.

22nd February 2015

The Richest Fight in History

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao fight has been confirmed for May this year. It will become the single richest boxing bout in the history of the sport.

22nd February 2015

NFL Player Rob Gronkowski Asks Out Reporter on National TV

New England Patriots Superbowl champ Rob Gronkowski flirts with Fox News reporter Tara Molina while she interviews him on a beach. Because… well, why not?

05th February 2015

5 National Sports of Different Countries

Most nations recognise at least one official language, a national animal, even a particular dish. But what about sports? Here, we look at five nations of the world and the national sport in that country.

24th January 2015

Meet The Man Who Is Taking The Lost Art Of Archery To New Levels

Danish man Lars Anderson is perhaps the fastest archer on the planet. After watching this video, you will no doubt be left in awe of his impressive skills. Legolas be damned.

24th January 2015

Seagull Makes a Comes Back From the Dead During Aussie Cricket Match

Who would have thought a seagull could be so resilient? During a professional cricket match in Australia, one of the birds was struck by a flying cricket ball. Presumed fatally wounded, it was left to rest at the side of the field. But nobody saw what was coming next. Watch the video of its miracle resurrection.

21st January 2015

Tennis World in a Spin Over Star Player Being Asked to “Twirl” on Live TV

Interviewed post-match at the Australian Open, Canadian tennis star Eugenie Bouchard was asked by a male reporter to “twirl” and show off her dress. Many fans and media are unhappy with the interview.

18th January 2015

12 Photos of Two Men Free Climbing Up a 900m Vertical Wall

It took 19 days for Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson to climb up one of the tallest and toughest vertical walls in the world using nothing but their bare hands.

01st January 2015

The Top 15 of the World’s Most Marketable Athletes

Lists of this nature are always talking points amongst fans, especially those from particular countries, or of particular sports, than feel like their favourite sportsperson has been left out. This is the top fifteen of this year’s compilation by SportsPro of the world’s most marketable athletes.

31st December 2014

15 of the Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Let’s be honest, chess will not make this list. Just like we are still deliberating as to whether country music is actually a legitimate art form, so too is the jury still out as to whether things like chess and darts are actually sports. One thing is for sure, the sports on this list are real sports, where your safety is never certain.

22nd December 2014

15 Awesome Sporting Fails

Sometimes, people engaged in sporting activity put themselves at risk of injury due to a number of reasons. Usually though, it is as a result of attempting things that are beyond their capabilities. Then there are those times that are just plain old unfortunate. These are a mixture of both. Either way, they are fun to have a giggle at.