11th October 2016

Miley Cyrus Says Her First Relationship Was With A Female

“My eyes started opening in the fifth or sixth grade…”

10th October 2016

Kim Kardashian's Diamond Cross Stolen In The Paris Robbery Has Been Found

Just lying there on the pavement? Really?

10th October 2016

Sean Penn's Girlfriend Supposedly "Heartbroken" Over Those Kissing Photos

Nobody was more surprised than this particular person…!!

08th October 2016

Bruno Mars Rides Jetski Through Vegas' Fountains Of Bellagio

You know you’ve made it when…

07th October 2016

Why This 1964 "Matt Damon" Wedding Photo Has Gone Viral

Has Matt Damon starred in a reboot of ‘Back To The Future?’

07th October 2016

Both Nicole Scherzinger And Simon Cowell Tighten Security In The Wake Of Kim K Robbery

Are stars becoming paranoid in the fallout to the Kim K heist?

07th October 2016

Gwyneth Paltrow To Serve As "Mediator" In The Brangelina Split

This could be a little awkward, right?

07th October 2016

Concierge's Open Letter To Kim Kardashian

“Dear Kim; When you feel the cold steel…”

07th October 2016

The Latest In The Kim Kardashian Robbery; Thieves Asked "Where is the wife of the rapper?"

New details have emerged from the case…

07th October 2016

Kanye's Original Version Of "Famous" Had An Extra Level Of Nasty For Taylor Swift

There’s more Amber Rose in the mix too!

06th October 2016

Blurry CCTV Footage And Pascal Duvier: The Latest In The Kardashian Heist

Is Duvier about to be called back in for questioning?

06th October 2016

Sean Penn Dating 24-Year-Old Daughter Of Fellow Hollywood Actor

Age is just a number, right?

05th October 2016

Taylor Swift Isn't Happy With Demi Lovato's Comments About Her Squad

Swift vs Lovato shows no signs of simmering down any time soon…

05th October 2016

Apparently Kim Kardashian's Robbers Were Caught On CCTV

Could this be the break that the police have been after?!

05th October 2016

Angelina Jolie Is Said To Have Begun "Family Therapy" Following Pitt Split

Well, she does have six children to look after, maybe she could do with some help…

05th October 2016

Kim And Kanye Cut Corners On Security Before The Paris Heist

Is this what left Kim Kardashian exposed enough to be the victim in the century’s most high profile heist?!

05th October 2016

7 Of The Best Justin Bieber Memes On The Internet

Even the most ardent Belieber knows there’s a time to laugh at/with the guy…

05th October 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio Tells President Obama He Wants To Go To Mars

It’s clear the President thinks somebody is already on another planet!

05th October 2016

Kanye West Supposedly Fired 30 Staff During Post-Fashion Show Meltdown

Well, they did say he had a temper!