05th July 2016

Why Instagram Isn't Happy With Kaley Cuoco's 4th of July Post

Patriotic pride gone astray or a storm in a teacup?

04th July 2016

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un Has Seriously Piled On The Pounds Since Taking Office

“The only fat man in North Korea is Mr Kim”.

28th June 2016

Why People Are Saying New Disney Film "Moana" Is Racist

Is this racist or not? You tell me.

24th June 2016

Lindsay Lohan Live Tweets Brexit Leaving Us All Confused

If you’re confused, you can take solace in the fact that nobody seemed more confused than her…

16th June 2016

Japanese Donald Trump Commercial Is As Weird As You Think It Might Be

I just can’t seem to process it…

15th June 2016

The 5 Most Dangerous Countries In The World According To New Global Peace Index

The tourism boards of these countries have a tough job!

12th June 2016

Deadliest Shooting In American History: Public Reactions Vary To Orlando Mass Murder

The world reacts to the single worst shooting in American history.

07th June 2016

Check Out Meryl Streep As Donald Trump

She’s not an Oscar winner for nothing!

31st May 2016

North Korea Endorse Trump And Denounce Hillary

They called Hillary names, too.

16th May 2016

Colombian Authorities Make Biggest Drug Bust In The Country's History

It was headed for the United States.

11th May 2016

Doctors Warn That Rio Olympics Must Be Moved For Health Reasons

Aren’t the words “full-blown global health disaster” enough?!

09th May 2016

Meet The New President of The Philippines; The Man They Call "Trump of the East"

Is the “Donald Trump of the East” bad news?

08th May 2016

Donald Trump Launches Bitter Attack Against Hillary Clinton

Trump launches attack calling Clinton a “nasty” enabler”.

02nd May 2016

What Has Really Changed Since Bin Laden's Death?

It is the 5 year anniversary of the death of the planet’s Most Wanted Man. But what has changed since then?

01st May 2016

This Is How Malia Obama Set To Follow In Her Parent's Footsteps

The eldest daughter of POTUS and FLOTUS will take a gap year before doing as her parents did…

01st May 2016

Obama's 10 Funniest Lines At The Final White House Correspondent's Dinner

Obama’s final time of hosting the White House Correspondent’s Dinner showed why he’s the coolest President the US has seen. Here’s his 10 best lines.

29th April 2016

The Twitter War Between The White House And The British Royals

When Michelle Obama throws down a challenge, even Prince Harry better listen!

26th April 2016

LGBT Magazine Editor The Latest Killed In Wave Of Hate Crimes

In some parts of the world, being who you are can result in death.

23rd April 2016

Jennifer Hudson and Cast of The Color Purple Knock Out Stirring Rendition of "Purple Rain"

This could be the purplest thing you’ve read this year! And guaranteed to give yu goose bumps!

22nd April 2016

M.I.A. Faces Criticism Over Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, "Black Lives Matter" Comments

Singer M.I.A. has managed to create a bit of a stir in reference to her comments involving Beyoncé, Kendrick Lamar, and Black Lives Matter movement.