08th September 2016

5 Ways To Stop Yourself Thinking Negative Thoughts

If it’s happiness that we’re all chasing, then why do we keep on going the wrong way about it…???

08th September 2016

5 Ways To Make Yourself Sexier

You look how you look. It is what it is. Fortunately for most of us, being sexy really has very little to do with that …and more to do with who you are. It’s all about letting it shine. Here’s how…

08th September 2016

5 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter

Oh yeah, and you just might enjoy yourself too!

06th September 2016

Zayn Malik Cancels Dubai Concert Due To Debilitating Anxiety

Things must be getting bad to cancel a show!

04th September 2016

Is Kanye Really Pressuring Kim Kardashian To Lose Even More Weight?!

He’s not really that much of a control freak, is he?!

04th September 2016

7 Things You Can Do When You're Bored Instead Of Overeating

When there’s not much to do, it’s very easy to press play and eat your way through a movie you’ve already seen. Don’t do that…

04th September 2016

4 Of The Worst Jobs For Your Health

It’s all about work-related stress, because it’s stress that sees you meet an early grave…

04th September 2016

Gabourey Sidibe Shows Off Her Incredible Weight Loss On Instagram

“That Instagram photo was mostly about showing off my Biggie Smalls T-shirt and laid wig but … ya know … That’s cool too”.

30th August 2016

7 Healthy Foods You Should Start Eating Now

One day coffee gives you cancer, then next it doesn’t. One day you should eat quinoa, the next you shouldn’t. Here’s 7 healthy foods you can bank on…

30th August 2016

Trolls Say Woman's Dramatic Weight Loss Was Faked

She didn’t deserve this sort of treatment, did she?

28th August 2016

Teenage Boy Dies After His Girlfriend Gave Him A Hickey

Sometimes, love can be fatal…

27th August 2016

Sarah Jessica Parker Severs Ties With EpiPen Manufacturer Over Price Hike

She’s “disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned”…

26th August 2016

World's Fattest Boy Is Finally Able To Go To School Again

There could be a silver lining in this most alarming of obesity cases…

25th August 2016

Polish Discus Thrower Sells Rio Medal To Help Boy With Cancer

Sometimes, people just make you want to give them a big old hug…

24th August 2016

Gym Cops Major Criticism For Body Shaming Advertisement

You’d really have to take a good look at the marketing department after this…

22nd August 2016

10 Supposed "Facts" About Health That Are Actually Myths

The difference between a myth and fact is sometimes just a game of Chinese whispers…

21st August 2016

It Was Camels That First Gave Humans The Common Cold

I never trusted these guys right from the start!

20th August 2016

Kim Kardashian Shares Post-Baby Body Selfies

Okay, so Kim K selfies are nothing new, but she has worked pretty hard for this body…

17th August 2016

Khloe Kardashian Dishes The Dirt On Her Sisters' Diets

Ever wondered how the Jenner sisters stay so thin…???

16th August 2016

Khloe Kardashian Talks About Her Cancer Scare

This would have been a frightening experience…