01st January 2015

15 Badly Photoshopped Advertisements

Advertisers dramatically alter images all the time for a whole bunch of unethical reasons, but they didn’t exactly get away with it in these 15 pics!

01st January 2015

15 Awesome Pictures of People from Around the World

Some of these photos will look extremely alien to you. You may even find yourself asking “What the hell are they doing?” Or you may see something you completely identify with. At the end of the day though, no matter which, they are just people being people.

01st January 2015

Why you should probably avoid selfies with a monkey

Many hundreds of thousands, probably millions, of people visit Southeast Asia each and every year and engage in all of the usual touristy things. In particular reference to Bali, young tourists often get themselves in trouble by trying out a myriad of different ways to cause yourself harm.

29th December 2014

15 Cities Photoshopped to have No Light Pollution

French photographer Thierry Cohen recently gained a lot of attention through his “Darkened Cities” gallery, where he exhibits what some of the world’s most recognizable cities would look like at night without light pollution.

22nd December 2014

15 Slightly Disturbing Santa Claus Pictures

Every year Christmas rolls around and it is time for those who specialise in taking certain festive roles to have their moment in the spotlight. But unfortunately, sometimes they let us down by letting things get a bit awkward and weird.

22nd December 2014

15 Perfectly-timed Photographs

Sometimes you see a picture and you have to look twice, tilt your head and screw up your brow just to make sense of it. Well, some of these will have you doing that but others will just give you a giggle.

22nd December 2014

15 Awesome Photos of People from Around the World

Some of these photos will look extremely alien to you. You may even find yourself asking “What the hell are they doing?” Or you may see something you completely identify with. At the end of the day though, no matter which, they are just people being people.

18th December 2014

15 Photos Taken the Second Before Things Went Wrong

The following fifteen photos are varied in terms of subject, and also what is taking place. But they all share a common theme; each photograph was perfectly-timed to be taken a second before the situation took a turn for the worse. There’s no real “guess what happens next” here. We know exactly what happens next, and it ain’t good.

18th December 2014

15 of the Very Best Photoshop Fails

Photoshop has a lot to answer for really. It can make a picture more perfect which is fine if you want to post a sunset photo on Facebook and make yourself look like a better photographer, but when it is used for evil like giving people unrealistic body image goals, then things start to go wrong. Then there are times when the universe fights back and makes them look like fools for trying. These fifteen photos are examples of those times.

16th December 2014

15 Great Expectation v Reality Photos

These photos are of those “What I think I look like” moments compared with “what I actually look like” results. You have an image in your head of how a situation will transpire because you’ve seen it on television or witnessed someone far cooler than you doing it. A lot of the time, it doesn’t go down the way you though it would.

15th December 2014

15 Epic Photos from India

India is the second biggest country in the world in terms of population. It is a magical place which functions in its own unique way alongside a mixture of religions, poverty next wealth, and an extreme love for the sport of cricket. These are some of the best photos of India being India.

15th December 2014

15 Cool Photos of the Past You Won’t See in History Books

You know how you look at old history books or certain other lists and there’ll be photos from back in the day that represent really important moments in time and hold great historical significance? Yeah, well this list is not one of those. It’s just a bunch of old photos of people doing stuff. What makes it cool, is that the pictures are old. No selfies.

14th December 2014

The 10 Best Pictures of 2013

A gallery of the most picturesque photographs that got snapped last year.

10th December 2014

15 Amputees using their Disability for Hilarious Photos

You’ll laugh, you’ll gasp… you’ll frown with confusion.

09th December 2014

18 Photos of People Posing with… Not Celebrities

It’s not easy going through life as a celebrity look-alike. People ask you for photos, attractive young women want to hug you, and people buy you beers… actually that sounds awesome.

30th November 2014

25 Interesting Vintage Photographs

Look back in time with this collection of photographs from the past.

30th November 2014

40 Past and Present Photos Of Famous Events That Show How Much The World Has Changed

By looking at photographs from the past and those from the present, you can get a pretty clear picture of human progress.

27th November 2014

34 Fascinating Photos From Our Fascinating World

Weird, cool, and fascinating photos from our fascinating world.

26th November 2014

15 of the Most Perfectly-timed Photos You Will See

Sometimes you really need to look twice at a photograph. On the odd occasion you might find yourself staring. Whether on purpose or not, some photos hold your gaze a little longer than others simply so you give yourself time to figure out, just what it is you’re looking at.

26th November 2014

15 Awesome Prom Photos

What you call it might depend upon where you grew up and went to school; prom, formal, end of school dance; it is all the same thing. It’s a chance for the students to try and look beautiful and feel good for one night so that they have something to hold on to when the rest of their life goes down the toilet. Or, an awkward occasion where one is reminded of their lower social status well in to their successful and lucrative career.