08th April 2016

Guess Which Hollywood Couple Just Had A Baby!

The birth of a child is usually a welcomed occasion, and always a big one. None more so than when the baby is born to a high profile Hollywood couple like these two!

07th April 2016

7 Of The Most Extreme Hollywood Body Transformations

A Hollywood screen performer can’t just stay beautiful for every role, can they? Sometimes, the job requires you to transform your body as well as your persona. These are 7 of the most incredible!

07th April 2016

How Did Margot Robbie Injure Tarzan While Filming A Love Scene?

Tarzan is meant to be pretty damn tough – I mean, he’s Tarzan! So how did actress Margot Robbie hurt him onset of the film, “Tarzan”?

07th April 2016

Heather Matarazzo Shuts Down Charlize Theron’s “Pretty People” Theory

Poor little Charlize Theron has made some comments in regards to being too pretty for some Hollywood roles recently, and it’s fair to say not everybody agrees with her!

07th April 2016

How Did Indonesia’s Environment Minister React To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Criticism?

When one of the planet’s biggest names criticizes you for the perceived poor way you do your job, you’re probably not going to like it very much!

04th April 2016

Heath Ledger Would Have Been 37

The 4th of April marks the birthday of the late, great, Heath Ledger. He would have been 37-years old.

28th March 2016

Why Hugh Jackman Is A Real-Life Superhero

He is known for playing a superhero on the silver screen, but Hugh Jakcman’s recent deeds in Australia have shown he might be a hero off the screen too…

24th March 2016

BRIDGET JONES' TRAILER: Who Is Her Baby Daddy? Official Trailer Released!

The trailer for the third film in the Bridget Jones franchise, “Bridget Jones’ Baby” was released on Thursday. Who is the father?

24th March 2016

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Leaks Online Just 2 Weeks Prior To Blu-Ray Version Release

Despite great efforts to protect the film from being leaked, Star Wars: The Force Awakens has recently been leaked online, available fro illegal download.

23rd March 2016

Dinosaur Expert Points Out Flaws In Jurassic Movies

We know that Hollywood doesn’t always stick to what’s real – that’s why it’s called “fiction”. But just for fun, let’s find out what a scientist had to say about the dinosaurs in the Jurassic movies.

22nd March 2016

Margot Robbie To Star As Disgraced Figure Skater In New Hollywood Movie

It’s been more than twenty years since the skating scandal that captivated the world. But now, Margot Robbie has been cast to play villain, Tony Harding, in a new movie, “I, Tonya”.

22nd March 2016

How Jake Gyllenhaal Absolutely Bombed His Lord Of The Rings Audition

Appearing on Jimmy Falon’s ‘The Tonight Show’, seasoned and acclaimed actor, Jake Gyllenhaal, explains how he managed to screw up his ‘Lord Of The Rings’ audition.

20th March 2016

Teen Wolf's Dylan O'Brien Injured Filming New Maze Runner

Teen Wolf actor, Dylan O’Brien was taken to hospital after suffering an injury during the filming of the new Maze Runner film. Director posts on Twitter.

15th March 2016

The Trailer For R-Rated CG Movie, Sausage Party, Has Been Released

Depending on who your boss is, this might be NSFW. But then again, your boss might think it’s hilarious. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit, it does look pretty crazy!

15th March 2016

Rich Hollywood Directors Think That $50 To Watch A Movie Sounds Fair

The “Screening Room” idea will allow people to watch movies currently being shown in cinemas in the comfort of their own homes on the day they come out. But at what cost?

13th March 2016

Should The Act of "Catfishing" Be Illegal?

The film and the subsequent MTV show, Catfish, highlight the issues surrounding people who might not be who they pretend to be on the internet. Does this cause enough hurt and drama to be a crime?

13th March 2016

Are Reactions To Ghostbusters Chasing Leslie Jones Off Twitter?

There is a lot of negative reaction to Leslie Jones’ character in Ghostbusters, and it just might driver her away from Twitter. What do you think?

13th March 2016

Ghostbusters 3 Director Reveals Leslie Jones' Character Was Originally Written For Melissa McCarthy

The new rebooted Ghostbusters film is set to be released in July. The director has recently said that he originally had a different person in mind for Leslie Jones’ character…

11th March 2016

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Meet Canadian PM at White House Function

Canadian native Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively were on hand at the White House for a function in honor of the Candian Prime Minister

11th March 2016

New 'Captain America' Trailer Features Spider-Man

In the new trailer for “Captain America: Civil War”, it looks like most of the Avengers are back. Only this time, they brought Spider-Man along for the ride!