19th January 2015

16 of the Funniest Text Messages You Will See

Texting can be a functional way of communication however, sometimes this is what lets it down. It serves a purpose but can be so boring, not to mention corrupting the language. Then there are texts that change things up a little and make us laugh.

18th January 2015

15 of the Most Awesome Texting Fails

You know what is great about the invention of texting? Well, it is pretty much mostly about convenience isn’t it? But sometimes it can be considered somewhat inconvenient, as the following list illustrates.

16th January 2015

16 of the Best Text Trolls Ever

Because for some people, a normal and simple reply just isn’t good enough.

01st January 2015

15 Reasons why parents should not be allowed to text

With the new technological age now in full swing, there were always going to be down sides and side effects. But it is not so much the possibility of machines taking over from humans as the dominant being on the planet that we are worried about here. It is the more immediate concerns of what happens when our parents learn how to send texts messages.

29th November 2014

25 Hilariously Awkward Texts Only A Mom Could Send

Let’s face it, Moms are still trying to get a grasp on this texting trend.

26th October 2014

17 Twitter Posts that will make you lose your Faith in Humanity

Chances are some of these tweets are deliberate trolls, but we’re willing to bet that a decent percentage of these are legitimate proof of some of the dumbest people currently floating around the twittersphere. Enjoy!

13th October 2014

13 Awkward White People Big Boobs Big Butts Autocorrect Fails

Doesn’t autocorrect just keep on giving and giving? He are some quite awkward fails that relate to the good things in life; mostly boobs and butts.

05th October 2014

9 Biggest Dating Text Fails

Some of these people are just plain idiots when it comes to what they put in to text form. Take a moment and laugh at their stupidity.

11th September 2014

23 Parents Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Text Anymore

Technology is a funny thing. When our parents don’t know how to use it, it’s funny but when they do figure it out eventually, sometimes they still don’t get it quite right.

02nd September 2014

10 Ultimate Text Pranks

A twitter challenge was sent out: Text a random number and say ‘I slept with your girlfriend, she told me not to tell you but I feel like such an asshole’. Many people stepped up to the challenge – with dire results.

29th August 2014

20 Awkward People On The Internet

Some people like to lie on the internet. Others like to call those people out on it. This makes for terribly awkward situation on the internet. However, they’re also very entertaining!

27th August 2014

22 People Being Awkward On The Internet

Some people have the social intelligence of an earthworm. Take a moment and cringe at some of the most awkward social media conversations.

17th August 2014

26 Awkwardest Breakups in Facebook History Next

Breakups are never fun, but now that Facebook broadcasts your relationship status, it can lead to some very awkward situations. Here are a few funny examples.

15th August 2014

Top 16 Best Text Responses Ever To An Ex

Back in the olden days, the only way to get in touch with your ex was to meet them face-to-face or *gasp* actually talk to them on the phone. There was none of this text nonsense that made it ok to contact your ex at three in the morning with desperate pleas to get them back. Sometimes I think we should go back to simpler times, but then I read these priceless responses to texts from an ex and I think, this is too good to pass up.

29th July 2014

26 Texts You Need To See Before You Die

These texts are the only thing that matter. These are the alpha and the omega. You cannot shuffle off this mortal coil without seeing these texts.

29th May 2014

11 Relationship Texting Fails

What do you do if you drunkenly send your dad a butt selfie? Double down with an epic boobs shot, of course.

18th April 2014

20 Hilariously Bad Breakup Texts

There’s nothing quite as funny as the evidence of a breakup text gone badly wrong. Here are some favourites.

17th February 2014

30 Hilarious Texts

Ah the joys of new technology such as autocorrect. Take a look at some of the most hilarious texts posted on the web.